Who to rank up

YoungspookyYoungspooky Posts: 60
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not sure who to rank up any help would be greatly appreciated all champs are 4* champs

Who to rank up 21 votes

R5 wolverine (need 1 t4cc)
YellsomeJank39VartoxDhruvgKorporate_KurtAgentEdwardshchong2ragnarok_ 8 votes
R5 cap ww2(now)
R4 iceman(now)
TheLazyKingSpeedbumpSakkbanARMAGEDDON999Sky_kittyNandorDitt7RenKojimaSuskanutD_Ace_71ShaheerFIazFoxtrotClaydeeezy 12 votes
R4 hulk(now)
Gooner2005 1 vote
R4 Electra (now)


  • DhruvgDhruvg Posts: 287
    R5 wolverine (need 1 t4cc)
    wolverine and x-23 are must have champs , they will help you in clearing maps whether aq , aw , or quest .
  • Sky_kittySky_kitty Posts: 245
    R4 iceman(now)
    I don't have wolverine or x23. I clear maps and aw with magik,hulk,rogue,iceman. So they are not MUST have champions. Sometimes you MUST have imunity so i would go with iceman
  • SakkbanSakkban Posts: 96
    R4 iceman(now)
    Iceman hands down, take him to R4 and then to R5. He will serve you better in the long run. Wolverine is close second for me.
    Cap WWII is also good, but in act 5 he feels significantly less useful to me than act 4. Mostly because of the low damage output.
    I can't say about Hulk, as I don't have him, but people seem to think he is the best science champ. For me I don't like the fact that you need to lose health to increase the damage.
    Elektra is very far behind the list, she has her uses, but if you have Crossbones he will be a much better ability reduction choice.
    Good luck
  • D_Ace_71D_Ace_71 Posts: 147
    R4 iceman(now)
    All great choices! I would go in this order:
    Wolverine (very close second)
    Cap WWII
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