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This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
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Agatha Harkness, based on Kabam's concept

Raichu626Raichu626 Posts: 934 ★★★★
Based on this official concept:

  • Always active - Power Leech
  • 10% of power gained by opponents through any means is immediately stolen by Agatha.
  • This steals 50% if the power was gained through a power gain buff.
  • Agatha is immune to Power Steal effects.
Always active - Old Magic
  • Agatha's life extending magic heals her for 0.15% base health every second and grants immunity to poison.
  • Agatha has learned to avert psychic attacks, granting #Psychic Shielding.
Runic Traps
  • Through her Special Attacks, Agatha can place mystical runes on the battlefield, creating a runic trap for her opponent. Placing a new trap removes previous traps.
  • As an attacker, traps don't expire over time. As a defender, traps last 15 seconds.
  • While the opponent is between Agatha's runes, her Power Leech steals 100% of Power gained.
No root, just AoE, you'll need to actually try to keep the opponent inside these. Or you cheat and use sp3

Stolen Might - Cross fight ability
  • After Agatha steals 1.5 Bars of Power through her trap or the Opponent was in her trap for a total of 12 seconds, Agatha gains an imitation charge of her opponent. This places a 7 second fate seal debuff on the opponent.
  • Up to 3 imitation charges are kept as cross fight charges at the end of a fight. These last until they are consumed. Agatha can have imitation charges of up to 3 champions.
  • Charges can be spent to summon Striker versions of the stolen champions, using their first special attack and granting Agatha a bonus based on their class. Strikers have a cooldown of 15 seconds.
Note: Agatha would have 3 striker buttons, one per champion, potentially color coded by class for ease of use. Might make the screen crowded tho. Probably wouldn't have "power" bars.

Striker bonus effects:
  • Science: Inflict weakness, reducing attack rating by 20% for 12 seconds
  • Skill: Gain 3 cleanse charges, lasting 17 seconds. Each debuff on Agatha reduces the amount of cleanse charges by 1 and is immediately purified instead.
  • Mutant: Gain a 7 second unblockable and prowess buff, increasing special attack damage by 35%
  • Tech: Gain an indefinite armor up buff, increasing armor rating by 300
  • Cosmic: Gain a fury buff, increasing attack rating by 80% for 15 seconds.
  • Mystic: Inflict 3 stagger effects, lasting 20 seconds.
Special Attack 1
  • Place Agatha's runes around herself when activating this attack.
  • If the opponent was in a trap within 1 second of this attack's activation, place a fate seal debuff for 10 seconds. Otherwise, nullify 1 buff on the opponent.
Special Attack 2 (5 hits)
  • Place Agatha's runes at her location and that of the opponent when activating this attack.
  • Each hit steals up to 5% of current power. If the opponent is still trapped before the last hit, the last hit steals up to 1 bar of power.
Special Attack 3
  • The entire arena is made into a trap for 15 seconds.
  • Place a power gain buff on the opponent, granting 1.5 bars of power over 15 seconds.
Signature Ability - House of Harkness
  • Pre-fight ability: Agatha can summon one of the following champions as an imitaition charge at the beginning of her next fight: Abomination, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Vision, Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch. These charges are not consumed when summoning strikers, but Agatha can only activate each of these pre-fight abilities once per quest and only one of these charges can be active at a time. They also don't stack with these champion's regular imitation charges.
  • Striker effects last 10% - 90% longer, and armor up is 40% to 150% more effective.
Need a specific bit of utility but can't find it on your path? Use this instead.
All champs are their classic versions except Vision, who is the MCU Vision
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