Should i buy it guys?


  • HalalaHalala Posts: 78

    If it had cavalier nexus, maybe. I don’t think it’s worth it.

    Thanks bro
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,254 ★★★★
    Well always have to ask yourself.... Is it worth the possibility of getting 2 3* Rockets....

    I mean that would be Epic... but is it really worth it?
  • Zan0Zan0 Posts: 4,540 ★★★★★
    edited February 1
    I got it just for the 6 star shards but I am sitting on a big surplus of units
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 653 ★★★
    I had thought about it, but from 6-star perspective, 888 units for 2.5k 6-stars is in that middle range of what they have offered in the past (from between 750-1000 units for 2.5k 6-stars).

    So it is not a particularly special offer, considering in the past some rank up items have been a part of these types of offers.
  • HalalaHalala Posts: 78

    Really Thanks all for ur opinion
  • HalalaHalala Posts: 78
    Chovner said:

    If you breakdown the deal per regular item cost in game it's definitely worth it, and I'm surprised so many people think it's "meh":

    2 Cav Crystals @ 300 units each = 600 units
    5 L5 health potions @ 28 units each = 140 units
    So then you're actually only spending 148 units on 2500 6* shards AND 250k gold

    So really if you're in the camp of people who don't mind gambling on the buffed drop rate Cav crystals every now and then, then it's a great offer.

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