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Quality of Life Improvement Idea for Solo modes

I have had an idea from when I first started playing this game in 2018 of how I thought things should work.

Some background - I'm now Thronebreaker with 19 6 R3s and more soon on the way. I've 100% Act 6, Act 7.1 and 7.2 all the Variants, and ROL.

I have completed one path of LOL and would also like to start tackling AOL soon too but I jut don't have the time to sit down and spend many hours at one time and I don't want to lock myself out of the Event and side quests each month.

So what if the champs you bring into LOL, AOL and other like content only locks those champs only similar to AQ and AW?
This way, I can take in the 4 horsemen or whoever and complete the content as I am able to - maybe one or two fights a day but then all my other amazing 6r3 can still be used to complete event quests instead of sitting on the bench because all other solo content except Arena and Incursions is locked. I think this would give us more experienced players who haven't yet 100% completed everything in the game some more incentives to rank up champs and maybe even try some new ones out.
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