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Morningstar’s shallow dash back and proximity after S3

I opened a ticket with Kabam to review the following, but I though I would also post it here in case the community has additional feedback they can provide.

Who were you using? MORNING STAR

Who were you up against? ALL OPPONENTS (Tech syms, science syms, Iron man, etc...)

Was this in a Quest, Arena, or Alliance Quest/War? ALL CONTENT (I used her in the current Heroic/Master Event, I'm using her in AQ currently, and I used her for the current Challenge content. I had these issues in all three/four of them. I have not used her for AW attack phase however)

If this was in a Quest or Alliance Quest/War, were there any Node Buffs involved? If so, which ones? ALL NODES (I currently run lane 3 in AQ section one and lane 1 in section three)

How long does the issue persist? IT IS A CONSTANT (I've observed this behavior in all content and against all opponents)

What happens after the issue occurs? SINGLE EVADE DASH: AI attacks differently that against other heroes due to a continued proximity. MULTI-EVADE DASH: This affects the timing when attempting to evade multiple attacks in a row or a multi-part special. SPECIAL 3: When exiting the cut scene, the AI attacks immediately the majority of the time due to the close proximity. The lack of time between the exit of the cut scene and the attack interferes with the ability to time a block to effect a Parry.

What device were you using? IPHONE 6 S PLUS

What OS version were you using? IOS 11.0.3

What version of the game were you using? CURRENT VERSION. (There are no updates for the game in the apple store. If there is a way to tell specifically, please let me know and I'll be happy to provide this information.)


  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    Bump as I see others posting new threads on this issue.
  • The same thing was happening with my voodoo. It was a way to shallow of an evade to dodge anyone's special attacks.

    As for after using a SP3, it seemed to happen only in the harder content. I would know I'm coming out of the SP3 holding block and would get hit right away.

    I'm running Android 7.0 with the Galaxy S8 and mcoc 15.1.2
  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    Bump to the top. I’d like to respectfully ask that Kabam play Morningstar some more. I simply don’t see any way you will not find that her evade is significantly different than other heroes.

    The double attack issue due to close proximity after an evade should be easy to detect and replicate.

    Guys, please help us out here and take another look.
  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    I find the AI switches up a bit whenever o bring on Hela too. Nothing major but the timing all changes. It’s like everyone gets a micro dose of Mordo. Might be unrelated but might be
  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    I’ll post two videos from tonight to show exactly what I’m talking about. The MS fight will show repeated, consistent double attacks from the AI after evading it’s attacks while the SW fight shows they AI to be in stark contrast.

    Both fights are against the same hero from the same player in my alliance. The evidence is clear.
  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    For whatever reason, only pictures show as available from my iPhone when I go to post the videos. I’ll have to see about pulling them off to a PC and trying to upload from there.
  • AcidskieAcidskie Posts: 31
    I still do not have an option to upload mpeg4 files to your website from a PC. Please advise.
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