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6 star r2 to r3 pi

An alliance member of mine noticed when he took his 6 star Kitty from r2 to r3 her PI dropped below where it was at max level r2. Is that normal? If so can someone explain?


  • Scarcity27Scarcity27 Posts: 1,906 ★★★★★
    PI depends on level. So an r2 to r3 is going from level 35 to level 1, and hence the slight drop in PI. Once your ally mate levels her up the PI will increase.
  • GlobalgodzGlobalgodz Posts: 36
    Ah got it. I just never noticed it myself. Thanks.
  • Valentinos13Valentinos13 Posts: 400 ★★★
    I don't know why is happening,but it happen to me in a few occasions. Maybe is every time and I don't notice it
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