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aw rating

A simple quedtion if anyone can answer.

Historically AW matches were done SOLELY on War Rating. Alliance PI did NOT play a role.


I think they now factor in alliance PI. that is why the last few wars we have had big alliances as our opponents...

So if you guys has changed it why you did not tell us about this.
this new system of match making is surely benefiting the big alliance and the average alliance is getting punished with this...
if the log is not changed than surely match making is broken....
can we have some answer.


  • hungama01hungama01 Posts: 108
    Do you have any answer on this...
  • QwertyQwerty Posts: 636 ★★★
    what are the two war ratings?
  • hungama01hungama01 Posts: 108
    our was 1900 and for wining we gey 23 points and on losing we we get minus 100 ...
    wer us our opponents was way too stronger almost double our alliance pi rating and they wer 1600 rating....... this is joke... why we are facing such strong alliance and our losing point is minus 100 with such strong alliance....
  • Darth_HulkDarth_Hulk Posts: 8
    We are having the same issue. Lower tier alliance, and have been getting wars that match out PI, but not war rating. We have dropped to tier 9 and keep getting tier 5 opponents.
  • KocheeseKocheese Posts: 391 ★★
    Same as us. So we automatically loose in defender rating.
  • hungama01hungama01 Posts: 108
    yup their is sometjing wrong....
    Not any official announcement from mods yet.
    they are ignoring it.
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