How do you intercept with a special?

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I just pulled a 6* Hercules, and I’m wondering how to intercept with a special for huge sp2 damage. Any tips?
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    wait for them too dash in then pull your special like you would block too parry
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    I could be completely wrong but I feel like the AI blocks more when you try to special intercept with Herc so be careful. I've spammed special intercept with Hype for ages and I screw up with Herc way more often. But it's just like any other intercept. Throw your special as they are dashing in.
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    Another way is to place infuriate on the defender (M L combo), dash back immediately and use special because the defender will charge forward at you.
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    With Hercules it’s easy, with venompool it’s almost impossible
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    As it was said above, that is why herc has the infuriate in his kit. Do the ML dash back and immediately throw your special. It will pretty much always hit since the infuriate makes the AI more aggressive. If you want to be safe you can take black panther classic with you as their synergy makes hercs specials unblockable. That's what I do. Also has a great benefit for black panther that makes him play a lot smoother.
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