The spooky crystal.

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The halloween calender this year is way worse than last year. Last year there was a carbonium core. Now? A spooky crystal that gives shards. Whoo. The most kabam could do is give us the unit equivilent of a carbonium core. Pretty sure a carbonium core is 500 units. Using shard crystals equal to 10 units, 200 shards for 1. Do the math. 10,000 shards. Most likely preniums. Some lucky souls will get a five star crystal. What are your thoughts?


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    we don't know how many shards this crystal gives, do we ?
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    I was kind of disappointed too. all this buildup for a what is basically a grandmaster shard crystal.
  • GbSarkarGbSarkar Posts: 1,075 ★★★

    Definitely not "way worse"
  • SkimbobborSkimbobbor Posts: 127
    @GbSarkar i wasnt here last halloween but i like this calander a lot better now other than the mastery core i could really use that lol
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    Lol dude it is an upgrade just because a core is missing really? You should have masteries sorted or save units for that stuff I for one love the upgraded calender.
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