Champion Spotlight - Omega Sentinel

About Omega Sentinel
Omega Prime Sentinels are humans who have been augmented by Sentinel technology to become cyborg sleeper agents, only transforming into mutant killing machines when they detect one nearby. Karima Shapandar is one such Sentinel, having struggled for years between her human instincts to serve and protect, and the Sentinel protocols that would make her a killer. In the end Karima’s Sentinel side overtook her humanity, and now as Omega Sentinel she serves as the ultimate Human-Sentinel-Hybrid hunting mutants and enforcing the will of Nimrod.

Omega Sentinel's Mechanics

    Omega Sentinel is a multi-purpose Tech Champion who carries a unique assortment of weaponry into battle and shifts between weapons to shut down her Opponent’s abilities. Her weapons can inflict Cowardice, Heal Block, or Tracking depending on which weapon she has primed during the fight.

    Cowardice will reduce Special Attack Damage, Heal Block will shut down Regeneration, and Tracking bypasses abilities that trigger Miss. Omega Sentinel is also outfitted with powerful Incinerate damage to accompany her various utility Debuffs. Against Mutants this Incinerate turns into Plasma instead. This allows Omega Sentinel to bypass key Immunities in the Mutant class.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  4972  611  1900
 4-Star  12467  1531  4773
 5-Star  24997  3068  10700
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  32209  3954  13770

Character Class: Tech
Basic Abilities: Self Repair, Incinerate, Cowardice, Heal Block, Tracking, Armor, Auto-Block

  • Versatile Utility
  • Omega Sentinel is equipped to deal with hard hitting Special Attacks, Regeneration, and abilities that trigger Miss depending on which weapon she has selected. This allows Omega Sentinel to comfortably handle a number of potent abilities.

  • Adaptable Defense
  • Omega Sentinel’s Armor is built to adapt to her Opponent’s attack patterns. Any repeated action by either Champion will boost her Survivability. She also gains a Self-Repair Buff when inflicted with either a Bleed or Poison, giving her an advantage most #Robots do not have.

  • Incinerate and Plasma Damage over Time
  • Omega Sentinel has access to powerful Incinerate Damage over Time. This Incinerate shifts into a Plasma when hunting Mutants allowing her to deal large amounts of damage to a majority of the Champions in The Contest.
  • Armor Break
  • Champions with easy access to Armor Break or Armor Shatter can deal with Omega Sentinel’s Adaptive Body ability, and prevent her Auto-Block ability from triggering.

  • Low Health and Armor
  • While Omega Sentinel has exceptional offensive and utility capabilities, she does not have a high health pool nor does she have high amounts of Armor Rating.

  • Skilled Counter-play
  • A skilled Opponent can fight Omega Sentinel without triggering her Armor and Auto-Block if they are careful with their combat strategy.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Cybernetic Nanotech - Always Active:
  • Omega Sentinel’s nanotech allows her to take no damage from Bleed and Poison effects and grants her Immunity to the regen reduction from Poison.
  • When inflicted with a Bleed or Poison effect Omega Sentinel gains a Self-Repair Buff healing 20% of missing health over 10 seconds. This ability does not stack and ends early if Omega Sentinel is Stunned.
Dev Notes: Omega Sentinel’s Self Repair Buff is based on how much Health she has missing so it will keep her health stable in a Bleed or Poison heavy match-up.

Incinerate - Max Stacks: 20:
  • All of Omega Sentinel’s Incinerate Debuffs deal 2147.6 Energy Damage over 6 seconds. This effect also removes Perfect Block Chance and reduces Block Proficiency by 50%. Against Mutants, inflict an identical Plasma Debuff instead.
Dev Notes: Keep in mind that this Incinerate turns into a Plasma Debuff versus Mutant Champions allowing Omega Sentinel to bypass some key Mutant Incinerate Immune Champions. Incinerate and Plasma Debuffs can also be paused using Light Attack Combo Enders and Heavy Attacks allowing Omega Sentinel to squeeze even more damage from her Debuffs.

Nano Shifting - Pre-Fight Ability:
  • Omega Sentinel can rotate through Nanite Carapace, Electrostatic Pole and Plasma Wave weapons. When selected from the Pre-Fight screen, Omega Sentinel starts the fight with that Weapon active. Landing a Heavy Attack rotates her current Weapon.
  • Omega Sentinel’s second Medium Attack inflicts a Debuff that is determined by her current Weapon.
  • If the Opponent is inflicted with 3 or more of her personal non-Damaging Debuffs, she inflicts an Incinerate Debuff instead.
  • Nanite Carapace: Inflict a Cowardice Debuff, reducing Special Attack Damage by 10% for 8 seconds.
  • Electrostatic Pole:Inflict a Heal Block Debuff, preventing the Opponent from healing for 8 seconds.
  • Plasma Wave: Inflict a Tracking Debuff, bypassing the effects of Miss for 8 seconds.
  • Finishing a combo with a Light Attack or landing a Heavy Attack pauses all personal Debuffs on the Opponent for 7 seconds.
Dev Notes: After applying a Nano-Shift Debuff with a Medium Attack 2, ending combos in Light Attacks will allow Omega Sentinel to maintain those same Debuffs on the Opponent. Heavy Attacks will also pause Nano-Shift Debuffs but is only useful when switching between different Debuffs.

Adaptive Body - Always Active:
  • Omega Sentinel’s Adaptive Body grants her Immunity to Nullify, Stagger and Fate Seal effects. Against Mutants, her Ability Accuracy cannot be modified.
  • Gain an indefinite Armor Up Buff whenever either Champion makes contact with the same Basic Attack twice in a row, increasing her Armor rating by 900. Gain an additional Armor Up against Mutants. Max Stacks 10.
  • When Struck at 10 or more Armor Up Buffs, consume all Armor Ups, Purify any Stun Debuffs and gain a 100% chance to Auto Block for 2 seconds. This Auto-Block can trigger Parry. While Defending, this ability requires 5 Armor Ups instead.
  • When Omega Sentinel would Auto-Block a Hit, inflict an Incinerate Debuff on the Opponent. Against Mutants, inflict an identical Plasma Debuff instead. When Struck by a Heavy Hit while Auto-Blocking, gain a 100% chance to Resist a Block Break.
Dev Notes: Be sure to make use of Adaptive Body when playing as Omega Sentinel. Any attacks that are repeated by either Champion will grant an Armor Up Buff. Building up to 10 Armor Ups can be useful as the Auto-Block ability provides some last minute protection in tough situations.

Special Attacks:
  • When activated, all of Omega Sentinel’s personal Debuffs are paused for the duration of the Special Attack and for 2 seconds afterwards.
  • On contact, consume up to 5 Armor Ups, increasing the duration of all Debuffs inflicted or refreshed by this Special Attack by 1 second per Armor Up consumed. All Debuffs triggered by Special Attacks can trigger through Block.
Dev Notes: Another way to utilize the Adaptive Body ability and Omega Sentinel’s Armor Ups is to consume them to extend the duration of any Debuffs inflicted using Special Attacks. This is especially deadly when combined with the Incinerate Debuffs on Special Attack 2.

Special 1 - Nano-Shift Air Raid
  • The last hit refreshes all personal non-Damaging Debuffs on the Opponent. If there are no Debuffs to refresh, instead inflict 2 Debuffs with the type and potency determined by Omega Sentinel’s current Weapon for 8 seconds.
Dev Notes: Keeping Omega Sentinel’s Debuffs up is the key to maximizing her damage output. Be sure to use this Special Attack when your Nano-Shift Debuffs are about to fall off.

Special 2 - Anti-Mutant Routine Omega
  • The last hit inflicts an Incinerate Debuff on the Opponent, and an additional one for each personal Cowardice, Heal Block or Tracking Debuff on the Opponent. Against Mutants, inflict an identical Plasma Debuff instead.

Special 3 - Eternal Destruction
  • On activation, consume all personal Incinerate and Plasma Debuffs on the Opponent. Deal a burst of 6136 Energy Damage for each
    Debuff consumed.
  • If the Opponent is not inflicted with any personal Incinerate or Plasma Debuffs, instead inflict 6 Incinerate Debuffs. Against Mutants,
    inflict an identical Plasma Debuff instead.
Dev Notes: This Attack can be used in longer fights as a way to jump start Omega Sentinel’s damage rotation. The Incinerate and Plasma Debuffs inflicted from this attack can be paused using Light Attack Combo Enders and Heavy Attacks. This attack is also useful for closing out a fight by finishing off an Opponent who is low on Health.

Signature Ability - Prime Technology
  • Passive:
  • Omega Sentinel gains 763.36 Passive Energy Resistance for each personal non-Damaging Debuff on the Opponent.
  • Omega Sentinel’s Special Attack 2 inflicts an additional Incinerate Debuff for each Prowess effect on the Opponent, up to a maximum of 5.
  • For each Armor Up that is consumed by a Special Attack, there is a 50% chance for Omega Sentinel to gain a new Armor Up.
Dev Notes: Omega Sentinel’s Mutant hunting abilities are enhanced with her Signature Ability. Characters like Havok, Sunspot, and Domino will also have their damage reduced significantly thanks to this ability.

Oil is Thicker Than Blood - - With Sentinel
  • Omega Sentinel: Incinerate and Plasma Debuffs inflicted by Medium combo enders instantly Power Drain the Opponent for 5% of their Max Power.
  • Sentinel: Knocking down an Opponent removes 1 Prowess effect from them.

Alpha and Omega - Unique - With Professor X, Magneto (House of X)
Omega Sentinel: Self Repair Buffs gain +35% potency.
Professor X, Magneto (House of X): Gain an additional Persistent Charge whenever an Opponent is defeated.

Different But The Same - Unique Solo - with Omega Red
Omega Sentinel: For each Armor Up consumed during a Special Attack, inflict an Armor Break Debuff reducing Armor Rating by 10% for the duration of that Special Attack.

Sentenced to Death - Unique - With Captain Britain, Psylocke
  • Omega Sentinel: Whenever the Opponent is inflicted with a Cowardice Debuff remove 1 Prowess effect from them.
  • Psylocke: Knocking an Opponent down with a Heavy Attack grants Psylocke 2 Psi-Charges.
  • Captain Britain: Landing a Critical Hit on the last hit of Special Attack 1 grants an Unblockable Buff during the next Special Attack.

Identical CPUs- Solo - With Nimrod
  • Omega Sentinel: Whenever any hit from the Opponent's Special Attacks does not make contact with Omega Sentinel, she inflicts them with a Shock Passive, dealing 15% Energy Damage over 6 seconds.

Glass Cannon
  • Since Omega Sentinel’s Health is already below the average Champion, Glass Cannon increases her Attack significantly for players who can avoid being hit.

Liquid Courage / Double Edge:
  • Combining these masteries and Omega Sentinel’s Cybernetic Nanotech ability allows her to increase her Attack Rating while ignoring the damage taken from Liquid Courage and Double Edge.

Collar Tech
  • Collar Tech prevents Opponent Special Attacks from being thrown as often. This allows Omega Sentinel to keep her debuffs active for longer and have more opportunities to apply Incinerate or Plasma Debuffs.
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  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,245 ★★★★
    @Kabam Zibiit the information contained in this spotlight, the in-game description and the deep dive video are lacking some specificity and have mistakes and differing information in them.

    Omega Sentinel does not have the teammates synergy you listed here in the game.

    For the Nimrod synergy you say she deals 15% energy damage as a shock passive. 15% of what? 15% of her attack (modified or base?), 15% of the opponent's health, etc.?

    For the Omega Red synergy you say when she inflicts armor break it is for the duration of the special but in the video about her Dave claims it lasts for 6 seconds.

    For the Alpha and Omega synergy it says she gets +35% potency for her regen but Dave says the regen lasts 35 seconds longer.

    Can you please provide clarification on how she is supposed to function with the discrepancies between what Dave said and the descriptions actually say?

    Additionally, I have asked this many times about other champions but you guys never answer the question, why do you makes certain champions have differences in how some of their abilities function that only benefit you when we have to fight them as enemies by making them tougher on defense instead of making them function the same regardless of if they are being used by the player or the AI?
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    Commenting here in hope that I pull a 6* Omega Sentinel soon!
  • odishika123odishika123 Posts: 5,352 ★★★★★
  • Crine60 said:

    For the Nimrod synergy you say she deals 15% energy damage as a shock passive. 15% of what? 15% of her attack (modified or base?), 15% of the opponent's health, etc.?

    That is 15% of her modified Attack, so this will benefit from other Attack increases.
    Crine60 said:

    Omega Sentinel does not have the teammates synergy you listed here in the game.

    That one was a typo and not intended for her kit. I've updated her spotlight to avoid further confusion.
  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 774 ★★★
    @Kabam Zibiit i am seeing issues with the synergy with Psylocke not granting charges when she knocks down an opponent with heavy attack
  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 774 ★★★
    Looks like they are consumed right away and never display. Might be good to change the description I assumed they would show up after the heavy
  • Jay_777Jay_777 Posts: 7
    Hope omega sentinel could be on offer again..i missed the last offer...
  • ZAHIDMALIK1588ZAHIDMALIK1588 Posts: 613 ★★
    Would you pick 5* Omega Sentinel over 6* P2099?
  • ZizunolaZizunola Posts: 50

    Would you pick 5* Omega Sentinel over 6* P2099?

    No. Go for the 6* P2099
  • mort_07mort_07 Posts: 474
    This is 100 % Gaga. A Robot is Not immun for archangel. o:)

  • mort_07 said:

    This is 100 % Gaga. A Robot is Not immun for archangel. o:)

    She's not fully a Robot! She might not take damage from Bleed or Poison, but there is always the danger of the Neurotoxins, which don't need you to take Damage from either to take effect.
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