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Champion Spotlight - Captain Britain

About Captain Britain
Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock spent most of her adult life as the mutant Psylocke, fighting alongside the X-Men while her brother took on the mantle of Captain Britain. After years spent trapped in the body of the assassin Kwannon, Betsy was finally able to regain her original form just in time to take over the role of Captain Britain from her brother Brian Braddock. Using her mutant abilities to engage her opponents with telepathy, telekinesis, and potent psionic weapons, the new Captain Britain is a powerful force for good in the multiverse.

Captain Britain's Mechanics

    Captain Britain uses her Psionic Mode to harness the powers of mental telepathy to create ailments in her Opponents while she is powering up to create an even greater advantage for herself. Her playstyle will be that of entering Psionic Mode, inflicting the specific Debuffs for various moves she does and then exit that mode, Purifying all of them off the Opponent to gain an advantage in the form of Buffs. This mirroring conversion can be sped up by fighting Opponents who Purify Debuffs off themselves. This will automatically convert to her Buffs. Her kit also allows for punishing Champions who rely mostly on critical hits, by depowering their strength severely. As a Mutant she enjoys big Specials through Prowess, but also has the added bonus of an innate critical rating within her Special Attacks but lowered critical rating outside of them.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  5972  485  1908
 4-Star  14976  1216  4800
 5-Star  30027  2437  10640
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  38690  3140  13680

Character Class: Mutant
Basic Abilities: Exhaustion, Slow, Weakness, Cruelty, Fury, Prowess

  • Punishing Purification Champions
  • She doesn’t want you to Purify the Debuffs she places on you, but if you do, might as well speed up the loop to increase damage output.

  • Punishing Critical Hit Heavy Champions
  • When encountering critical hit heavy Champions, she will place a very potent exhaustion on them either when they critically hit her or her block or when she applies one while in Psionic Mode.
  • Prowess Removal
  • She relies on Purifying Debuffs off her Opponent to gain her Prowess. So removing the Prowess stacks will impact her punch on her Special Attacks.

  • Nullify
  • While she is a Mutant she does love her Buffs, Nullify them away and she isn’t as offensively amped up.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active:
  • Special Attacks have +8400 Critical Rating, but base Critical Rate is 0.
  • When Captain Britain is struck by a Critical Hit or it hits her Block, 80% chance to inflict Exhaustion, reducing Critical Damage Rating by 484.62 for 2 seconds. Max Stack 3.
  • For each Prowess effect on Captain Britain, her Defensive Ability Accuracy is increased by 10%.
  • Basic attacks deal Energy Damage instead of Physical.
Dev Notes: A few things of note here, big crits in Special Attacks, and none unless modified from outside sources on basic attacks. The exhaustion on critical hits or landing a critical hit into block will help decimate the crit damage output on the Opponent. Every time Captain Britain inflicts a Debuff, she will gain a Prowess, this will help her make sure her Parry doesn’t fail from Disorient.

Psionic Mode:
  • Captain Britain activates Psionic Mode when she activates a Special Attack. If it was already on, she deactivates it instead. Psionic Mode grants the following:
  • Gain 2100 Physical Resistance.
  • Deal a Burst of 1218.5 Energy Damage on each hit, scaling with Base Attack only.
  • On the first Light Attack, inflict an Exhaustion Debuff, reducing Critical Damage Rating by 484.62 for 10 seconds.
  • On the second Medium Attack, inflict a non-stacking Slow Debuff for 10 seconds.
  • On the first hit of the Heavy Attack, inflict a non-stacking Weakness Debuff, reducing Attack Rating by 30% for 10 seconds.
Dev Notes: Find the attack pattern you like most, just get all 3 Debuffs on the Opponent and Purify them all off for the corresponding Buffs. You can always stay in Psionic Mode longer if you need to deal with Unstoppable using Slow, for example. But don’t forget when you want to exit make sure all three Debuffs are there.

  • Whenever Psionic Mode is activated or deactivated, Captain Britain will Purify all Exhaustion, Slow, and Weakness Debuffs off the Opponent.
  • Whenever a Debuff is Purified off the Opponent, gain an indefinite Passive Prowess, increasing Special Attack damage by 10%. Captain Britain also gains an additional Buff if the Debuff was an Exhaustion, Slow, or Weakness.
  • Purified Exhaustions grant a Cruelty Buff for 30 second(s), increasing Critical Damage Rating by 233.3.
  • Purified Slows grant an Unstoppable Buff for 3 second(s). This does not trigger against Tech Opponents.
  • Purified Weaknesses grant a Fury Buff for 30 second(s) increasing Attack Rating by 243.7.
Dev Notes: Seeking out Purifying Champions helps speed up the loop, don’t forget that the Fury, Cruelty, and Prowess all will help make your Special Attack damage output even bigger. And if you need an opening - go Unstoppable and get that intercept win right before you fire off a Special Attack.

Special Attacks:
  • On Activate, Pause all of Captain Britain’s personal Buffs for 5 seconds.
Dev Notes: This is a good way to consistently keep all the Buffs up so you can achieve max stacks. After all you want to get 4 Fury, 4 Cruelty and 1 Unstoppable.

Special 1 - Psyblast:
  • Gain a 30% Energize Buff for 15 seconds.
Dev Notes: This is meant to help accelerate the loop and when you interweave them to toggle on Psionic Mode, will help you stack Buffs after inflicting the Debuffs prior. Plus, all Captain Britain’s personal Buffs will be paused on activation of this Special.

Special 2 - Shield Assault:
  • Increase Attack Rating by 243.7 per Unique Buff currently on Captain Britain.
Dev Notes: Gotta get those Buffs, maintain your own, and see if you can get more to help really drive big hits, while having a high Prowess count and an innately boosted Crit Rating for Special Attacks. This is where you do your big damage.

Special 3 - Go Medieval:
  • On Activation, exit Psionic Mode, gain 1 of each personal Buff, and inflict 1 of each personal Debuff.
  • This Special Attack will always default to Psionic Mode off when entering or exiting.
Dev Notes: If you need to drop one of each Debuff on the Opponent and gain one of each Buff for yourself, roll into a Special 3 and start the loop up faster. This should help get back to Special 2 with max Buff count.

Signature Ability - Pure Soul:
  • Whenever a Debuff is Purified, gain a Bulwark Passive, increasing Block Proficiency by 688.27 lasts 20 seconds. Max Stacks 6.
Dev Notes: Seek out Champions who Purify on a high frequency, to help speed up the ramp to attaining all the Buffs but also get max stacks of this Bulwark Passive.

Past and Present Self - - Unique - With Psylocke
  • Synergy Champions: Striking an Opponent with a Critical Hit inflicts a non-stacking Degeneration Debuff dealing 50% Attack as Direct Damage over 6 seconds.

It’s Good to Be Lucky - Unique - With Domino, Long Shot, (Coming Soon)
  • Synergy Champions: Striking an Opponent with a Critical Hit has a 21% chance to grant a non-stacking Precision Buff, increasing Critical Rating by 14% for 7 seconds.

Understanding Evil - Unique With Thing, Colossus
  • All Non-Villian Champions, gain 10% Attack Rating, 5% Physical Resist, 5% Energy Resist vs. Villains.

Sword & Board - Unique - With Night Thrasher
  • Captain Britain: Extend the duration of Psionic Mode Debuffs by 20%.
  • Night Thrasher: Increase the potency of all Damage Over Time effects by 10%.

  • Giving you another avenue to stack a Weakness and rip it off, means a faster way to convert them into Fury.

  • Who doesn’t like reversing Regeneration per Debuff, since she can make use of this pretty consistently.

  • Just an all round good way to finish off Opponents who just refuse to die with low health and ramp up your damage, which will make your Special 2 even more bananas!
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  • mort_07mort_07 Posts: 472
    No Info Box by Understanding Evil - Unique With Thing, Colossus in the Game. :'(

  • mort_07 said:

    No Info Box by Understanding Evil - Unique With Thing, Colossus in the Game. :'(

    Can you let us know if you are still unable to see the synergy after redownloading the game? Haven't been able to get this to occur on my end.
  • Captain Britain

    Zibiit, have you folks noticed the lack of traffic this area of the Forums gets? This spotlight for a brand new champion has been out for six days, but has only been read 200 times and zero comments. The same for the Omega Sentinel spotlight.

    You used to put these in the General section and they'd be read thousands of times.

    What would you think about a compromise where each new month you put the new threads (stickied) into General Discussion; and archive the previous month's Spotlights here, in the Spotlights section.

    It's not that I want to give you extra work to do; but in many ways, the game runs on new champions. Given the importance of new champion, surely their Spotlights deserve a better chance to shine than they're getting, currently?
    I like that. Let's try that next month.
  • HongKongPh00eyHongKongPh00ey Posts: 35
    I wish there was a way to get to Psionic Mode without using SP. Maybe a pre-fight ability where she can use a Persistent Charge (like Human Torch) to start fight in Psionic Mode. Like HT, a higher sig level would give her % chance to get another charge later. She can’t apply Debuffs until she throws a SP. I just tried to use her vs Mix Master DD Hell’s Kitchen in Legendary Side Quest. Polka Dot Power made it impossible to get to SP1, so I couldn’t use Slow to counter Mix Master.

    Weaknesses: Power Control opponents. If Captain Britain can’t throw Specials she can’t turn on/off Psionic Mode.
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