Kitty and the abyss

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I was fortunate and pulled kitty from 7.4 completion nexus. Now with the AG from exploration (side note: kicking myself for not buying the romance AG since I also pulled a 6* Hercules) I’m thinking of taking kitty to sig 200 and tackling the mutant abyss challenge. I have the “standard” mutant team (Apoc, stryfe, cable, mags, X), but all except mags is a 5*. How viable is an r3 kitty in abyss? What would an optimal path look like? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    LorddrewLorddrew Posts: 297 ★★
    Also intrested in this, is there an updated chart with new champions? most guides use champions from 2020.
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    awesomesauceawesomesauce Posts: 774 ★★★
    Lagacy has a video out where he used kitty on his team and did i think just straight-forward path 1. I didn't watch it so I dont know how often he used his R4 kitty but I would think for a few matchups at least.
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    She's pretty good for dormammu
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