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Looking for 2 in G1 alliance

We are looking for 2 to add to the SMASH family, currently G1 in AW wanting to get back to Plat4, we are looking for experienced players, the current bg in need of the 2 people are running map5 in AQ and once full will be doing 3 days of map6 last two map 5. We use line app for communication and a laid back group, only ask that everyone move and communicate in a timely manner. US based. If interested please feel free to hit me up for more details and see if we are a good fit for each other. Thank you


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    ON_TOPON_TOP Posts: 59
    edited April 2022
    Dont know if I qualify
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    Unicron34Unicron34 Posts: 19
    My game name is no longer unicorn, it’s ARCHITEUTHIS 34 in game and on line, we can sure tallk and go from there. Hit me with your line ID or in game and we can talk.
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    Unicron34Unicron34 Posts: 19
    Unicron* that’s why I changed it. Autocorrect makes me a horned horse. Lol
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