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Carina Challenge - 3* Aegon vs RoL Wolvie

Can someone explain where my math is flawed? Roll Wolverine's SIG ability says his regen has a 8% AA out the gate. Pacify maxed brings it down to -28%. Aegon crits bring it down to -128%. Yet he still regens on the next hit if I don't crit even if he's stunned? I feel like there's a flaw in here somewhere and I am wondering if someone can help me understand why an ability still triggers if he's below 100% ability accuracy basically constantly, especially if you're only hitting him during a stun.


  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,965 ★★★★★
    Couple of things, you apply the reduction/modification the the abilities base chance, 8 - 28%.

    Second and what is relevant is that Aegon reduces Defensive Ability Accuracy on his next hit after a critical hit. This means if you have a non critical attack the next attack does not apply the -100%. And ROL Wolverine actually has a 50% chance on critical hits to trigger his regen so when aegon does not crit and you are relying on pacify to reduce the chance of heal to 35%, which is bad odds.

    Beating him with the math of AAR is a bad play. You want to beat the tar out of wolverine until your crit is so high he almost never heals while using masteries like despair and petrify timed with stuns or bleeds to mitigate the healing or play the revive game doing your damage and quitting out before he heals it back.
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