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LO-XB is Recruiting

Hi all,

LO-XB are recruiting.

We are 45mil+ alliance,

Map 5x5 AQ 3bgs, 270mil+ Mix of master and epic mods.

AW gold 2, 3 BGS. Focus & aim is to remain in Gold2 & potentially progress to Gold1.

EU/USA time zone is preferable.

10k prestige required.

If you do well and want to progress we are a family group of alliances and progression up to the top alliances is possible.

Communication is key and line is required, add Asbo27 on line.

Thanks for your time.


  • AsbòAsbò Posts: 12
  • AsbòAsbò Posts: 12
    We currently do map 5 across 3 BGs, & 3BG War gold 2.

    Message Asbo27 on line,
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