New Jersey Alliance (NJA7) is looking for new recruits of ALL skill levels

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New Jersey Alliance (NJA7) understands everyone has a life outside of MCOC and we know our alliance can’t grind all day, every day. We’re simply looking for accountable alliance members who are able to follow simple rules, communicate effectively and want to be part of a team that works together and grows stronger together. If you love the game as much as we do and want to progress “stress-free” with an amazing group, then this is the alliance you've been looking for.

• AQ maps alternate 3/4 and we play back-to-back min 5x per week
• AW tier 9 and we typically play once a week
• War Rating: 1,074
• Alliance Rating: 2,672,467
• Average Member Rating: 167,920

Summoner's with less than 100K Rating must be able to successfully complete, at minimum, AQ map 4. Biweekly Summoner Advancement Schedule with 5K min point participation. No zeroes in multi-day Alliance Events, except during SA hold weeks. Monthly Treasury Dues: 20K Gold,10K Battle Chips and 10K Loyalty. Most importantly, when you join during AQ/AW, you must commit to finishing your path and you must be readily available to communicate via our Alliance Battlegroup LINE chat.

If interested in joining, please initiate contact with an in-game friend request to “DrewEternal” or “Mister_Face” or via LINE app using same IDs. Please don't be shy to ask questions and we're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Please note: If invited to join our alliance, you MUST have LINE app and confirmed LINE id within 12 hours as this is our primary method of communication.
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