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How I'd Update Carnage

ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
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Carnage in his current state is just yet another champion. He almost has nothing of note about him, no utility that stands out with not enough damage to compensate. However I'd be lying if Carnage didn't have damage, it's just that you literally would not use him in a lot of places because he has almost no utility. So I'll fix that.

So here's an update to Carnage, the changes will be marked like this. Any Xs are of course values that I'd not be too sure about, my forte is designing not balancing so yeah.

Ravenous Codex - Passive:

A complete bond between the host and the symbiote allows Carnage to reduce the duration and potency of all active Bleed effects on Carnage by -85% and gain immunity to Power Burn and Power Drain effects.

The Carnage Symbiote changes form, creating weapons and armour which provide passive Passive bonuses based on Carnage’s current needs.

Struck: Physical Resistance +X Physical Resistance

Block: Bulwark +X Block Proficiency

Light Attacks: Precision +X Critical Rate

Medium Attacks: Fury +X% Attack Rating

Heavy Attacks: Cruelty +X Critical Damage Rating

Carnage gains +50% Combat Power Rating. This bonus is reduced by -20% for each Ravenous Codex buff Carnage has.

When Launching A Special Attack:

Each time Carnage activates a Special Attack, he begins to Mutate for 8 seconds.

Once his Mutation ends, he copies his current Ravenous Codex passive and gains it as a permanent buff.

If Carnage already has 5 Permanent Ravenous Codex buffs active when his Mutation expires. He gains the current Ravenous Codex passive as a buff lasting 15 seconds.

When Striking The Opponent’s Block:

If Carnage activates a Special Attack after directly striking the opponent’s block, instead of Mutating, Carnage begins to Expunge for 8 seconds.

Once his Expunge passive expires, he removes all Permanent Buffs that match his current Ravenous Codex passive.

Each buff removed this way gives Carnage a Regeneration buff each healing Carnage for X% of his Missing Health.

Critical Hits:

If the opponent is already suffering from Bleed or Rupture effects, gain a 100% chance to inflict a Bleed debuff dealing X damage over 0.5 seconds.

Heavy Attacks:

100% chance to inflict a Bleed debuff, dealing X damage over 20 seconds.

Ravager - Passive:

Carnage rips and tears at his opponents, each time he triggers a Bleed debuff on his opponent, he has a 25% chance to refresh all active Bleed and Rupture debuffs on the opponent.

If a Bleed fails to apply on the opponent due to immunity, inflict a matching Rupture debuff with -35% Potency.

While his opponent is Bleeding or Ruptured, all of Carnage’s Special Attacks become Unblockable.

#Spider-Verse Heroes will not attempt to evade any of Carnage’s attacks if they are suffering from Bleed or Rupture debuffs.

Special 1:

This Attack gains +X Critical Rating.

Special 2:

This Attack gains +X Critical Damage Rating.

This attack inflicts an Armour Break debuff reducing the opponent’s Armour Rating by -X for 10 seconds. The duration of this Armour Break increases by 5 seconds for each successful Critical Hit in this attack.

Special 3:

Inflict a Bleed debuff dealing X damage over 35 seconds.

Signature Ability - Bloodlust:

The sight and smell of blood triggers Carnage’s bloodlust, granting a Power Gain buff while the opponent suffers from a Bleed or Rupture debuff. The Power Gain grants up to +%-+% of a Bar of Power per second based on how close Carnage is to the opponent.

If Carnage would inflict a Bleed or Rupture effect on the opponent, his vicious instincts give him a True Sense buff lasting X-X seconds.

More utility, more streamlined. I think Carnage might see a lot more usage if he gets a buff along the lines of this.
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  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    Feedback would be much appreciated.

  • I was scrolling through the suggestions and requests page when I saw the word carnage and so I clicked.
    Looks pretty good! Maybe he should get something more on his specials instead of just crit rating and damage?
    Other than that, this is interesting!
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