Is T4cc fragment crystal bugged

I tried to get a Tech t4cc earlier today so opened some t4 fragment crystals. Before I started opening any crystals I only had 740 tech fragments. The attached screenshots seem to show that I opened 38,160 tech fragments, but it hasn’t actually made a crystal. Also it indicates that I only own 20,980 tech fragments.

Does anyone know if this looks right? I’ve checked my overall number of tech t4cc and it hasn’t gone up at all so I definitely don’t have another crystal.

I had a similar problem with 50% t4cc crystals earlier today also but didn’t Take a screenshot as I just dismissed it as me being wrong. But this has now happened multiple times.

Thanks for any help.


  • RoborronRoborron Posts: 8
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    Just opened some more fragments. I opened 40 and this gave me a total of 7,200 tech meaning I owned 26,020.

    I then opened 10 more fragments which game me a total of 10,800 tech but I now only owned 27,460.


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    I'm seeing the same thing. Opened a bunch yesterday and something seemed off. Took some screenshots and opened some more and the numbers were way off. Tried again today opening 20 crystals and got the following;
    Start Open Should Actual DIFF
    Cosmic 11,559 2,160 13,719 12,999 720
    Mutant 30,160 3,600 33,760 33,040 720
    Science 20,133 1,440 21,573 21,573 0
    Mystic 32,368 6,480 2,848 2,848 0
    Skill 21,887 720 22,607 22,607 0
    Tech 12,878 1,440 14,318 14,318

    So that's 2 720 shards on 20 openings that didn't register. I opened about 500 crystals yesterday so god knows how many actual crystals didn't register.
    ps. copied from spreadsheet and can't seem to figure out how to align it properly.
  • DuMonUDuMonU Posts: 54
    This is not just a VISUAL bug, the correct number of units are not being allocated.
  • DuMonU said:

    This is not just a VISUAL bug, the correct number of units are not being allocated.

    Nope, it is not showing you the amount that you actually got from opening multiple sets of 10's of crystals.
    The actual amount is being properly credited, but it's not showing you what that correct amount is on the crystal openings summary pane.
  • DuMonUDuMonU Posts: 54
    Upon looking at this a little closer I think you are correct.
    While I was off 720 each on Cosmic and Mutant it also showed the actual shards opened were 15,840 and should only have been 14,400 (720 x 20). A difference of 1,440 which would be the two 720's
    I stand corrected and now don't feel so bad thinking I missed a bunch of shards yesterday.
  • RoborronRoborron Posts: 8
    Thanks for the replies folks.
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