Wish crystal?

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Hi guys,

Just received this:

Sorry it’s German, but you should have received it in your language. Is this the wish crystal kabam announced one year ago? Not sure


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    Don't think so and Prof Hoff did video about this which is worth checking out.
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    Noobda said:

    Wish Crystal is nothing but a hypothetical crystal for which the community keeps wishing.

    Edit:- It was a joke. Bad that I had to explain it.

    The disagree troll is here again 😅
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    How much would it cost to buy all 50? Wish I remembered the equation to use.
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    Searmenis said:

    Prof Hoff says the obvious: You get a particular set of crystals, where the first one costs 300 units, and each one coming next, costs 25 units more than the previous one. I don't want to do the math, but the last crystal will be around...5k units? ANd if you buy them all,...well, you get the point. And that's for a 48 champions crystal, even if it's a nexus, it'w worse than the pay offers we see on wednesdays for example.
    Usually, when you buy bulk, there's a discount, not a price increase, maybe the wording was wrong?

    It doesn't make sense unless there's some crazy high value to these (like 25% 6 star). I feel like this crystal will be loaded up with trash beyond trash beyond trash except for a handful of champs that people might actually want. You can already buy as many champ crystals full of garbage with trash odds as you want, so they need to add something to the mix.
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    @Searmenis The one in my mail says that the cost is upto a limit of 50
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    odd that these are happening... but the usual $5 daily deal addons with monthly event crystal shards aren't there (unless those are also going to magically show up in 30 minutes)
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