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Need Active Players to Match Alliance Activity

Contact me via Line app:

General info :
AQ: 877:
AW: Gold 2

Specific info:
- Moderators reject changes to alliance membership requirements as a valid reason for new forum post.
- I'll answer all question in Line app.
- Comments below might contain the info you desire.
- Please view most recent available comment for current info.


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    2StarKing2StarKing Posts: 855 ★★★
    Need player ready for map 7.
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    2StarKing2StarKing Posts: 855 ★★★
    Players are retiring. We have potential openings for 3 players.

    We rank in top 250 - 500 in AQ rewards.
    Tier 6, Gold 2 AW
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    2StarKing2StarKing Posts: 855 ★★★
    Great AQ rewards. Join us on our journey to 600 million AQ points.
    contact via Line app: ode2211

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