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Battleground Objectives

NihalFayazNihalFayaz Posts: 64 ★★
edited May 10 in General Discussion
30 wins per week. Right now my win rate is 50%. So that means around 60 runs per week. That's 15×60 energy that boils down to almost 900 energy. Each energy costs 5min. Hence total time will be 75 hours, which almost 3 days. Then there are refresh timers. Idk it's seems pretty hectic. Given that I have a life & there are other game modes too. & Somehow this Beta feels more of a duty than fun.


  • MrTicTac19992008MrTicTac19992008 Posts: 519 ★★
    Would have been better to make it 90 rounds over the 30 days. Thats 3 rounds a day. Would actually get people to play the beta, earn some rewards but not feel like its a chore.
  • AdevatiAdevati Posts: 196 ★★★
    Rewards < Effort

    Add that to it being another game mode that just forces you to fight only annoying defenders with annoying nodes.

    A big no thanks from me.
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