Parry and evade bug

I know it was mentioned several times before here and especially in the old forum, but I simply want to remind you once more, that there is still a huge timing bug for parry and evade.
Especially with Mordo it is very difficult to play. With him you are limited to combos of 4 max. A fifth attack results in a counter attack of the opponent with no possibility to block or dodge back. In the meantime I play with him only using heavy attacks, this makes gameplay with Mordo more simple and drastically more effective, but I still want to have the option of 5 attacks with a parry or evade after.
Thanks ahead for a response with date for fixing this bugs.


  • Thanks for the post, we at kabam will do nothing to fix it... have a nice day
  • Ohh it only gets worse!.. to duel spidey.......I'm sick of it, i sumbit a ticket and get "it's a known bug" that's it
  • Ilir21aIlir21a Posts: 16
    This happened to me with civil warrior.. 4 combos and the 5th hits the air..
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