Presently G2 and 350 mil. AQ score alliance is looking for a BG to join us!

Hi everyone,

we are an alliance presently in G2 and with the latest score in AQ over 350 mil. Unfortunately, due to end of War Season we lost a bunch of players and we are looking for (almost) a full BG to join us.

Our current status:
21 Cavalier & TB players
running Map 6 and Map 5 in AQ
No wars in off-season.

What we are looking for:
Cavalier (bare minimum) and TB players
self-motivated, who can clear their lanes in Maps 5/6 (Heroic modifiers) without holding their hand or babysitting them
Prestige minimum 10.5k
1,2 million account rating (to ensure a decent roster)

Absolutely no drama or ego players. If you are playing with us, you have to understand the concept of the "team player". Great attitude and communication are a must!

Contact in Line app: hector-278

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