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Doom bots! Getting combos for nothing???

RapRap Posts: 3,203 ★★★★
edited May 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
Can anyone explain to me why the doom bots in aq get hits on their combo meter when they use a special, even if the special doesn't land??? And how they can steal power from clear across the arena without touching your champ?
When you are facing a champ using Aegon's moves combos strengthen them! They should actually have to hit you! Otherwise it is just cheating!
Same with power steal! Kinda seems logical that they have to make some kind of contact! Which they are not!
All through this aq i have noticed this happening. Doom bots getting 10 or more hits on a special that never touched me!
Ding me if you wanna but seems sketch to have champs that strengthen based on combos get combos for nothing! And just as sketch that they can steal your power from clear across the arena!
And when it happens "AMAZING!" Pops up on screen!
What it should say is "sketch move"!


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    Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,546 ★★★★★
    Read the doom bots abilities. It clearly states all the these thing you listed.
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    Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,858 ★★★★
    I thought the skill doombot got combo from expiring debuffs? I know they have passive combo shield.
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    Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 1,858 ★★★★
    And one of them gets power back specifically if the combo misses, like a rebate. Not a steal?
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