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Battle grounds Black Screen of loss

airmundoairmundo Posts: 146
edited May 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
I finished a fight in, my guess, 45 seconds with 90% health left. Instead of going to the performance screen I was stuck on this black screen instead. Decided to wait out the timer but when it finished it brought me to the performance screen and slapped a loss on me like I never fought.


  • Morpheus_123Morpheus_123 Posts: 792 ★★★
    I had a strange bug the other day which I just assumed was a glitch in the network or connection issue in BG.

    The fight screen loaded, both champs got their close ups, and as usual starting charging towards each other. But when they met in the middle they kept on running! lol They were just running on the spot, endless running which went on indefinitely. The timer was counting down, so I just left it as it was to see what the outcome would be. But when the countdown reached zero nothing happened, except for lots more running! I left it for approximately 10 minutes in the same state, before eventually restarting the app only to find I had lost a battle I never even got to participate in.

    As for the black screen of death, that is the issue I have suffered most with in BG. The constant running was just a one-off.
  • Cueball8384Cueball8384 Posts: 8
    Yeah, I've gotten the black screen several times as well. It's so frustrating.
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