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Team Selection

Dusk_PKDusk_PK Posts: 7
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If any of you are good at the game can you please add me on WhatsApp or insta or discord and help me select my champions for my team because I have a lot and I don’t know who’s good

WhatsApp : 7549126704
Insta: mario.serban_
Discord: #9719
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  • Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 906 ★★★
    Just share your roster on here and we can give advice on here. That's what the forum is for.
  • Dusk_PKDusk_PK Posts: 7
    Here it is

  • Luke9523Luke9523 Posts: 906 ★★★
    Wow, you have some excellent 5*'s already!!
    Selecting a team depends on what content you're trying to clear, but you have some brilliant options here. Venom is a great champ to have, and so is Warlock. Sunspot & Human Torch are also top tier champs.
  • KGW186KGW186 Posts: 171
    Unbelievable selection of 5* from that little pulls! Venom is excellent for spider-verse champs along with being tanks and a good damage dealer.

    Warlock has double immunities, can power drain and shock on SP1, bleed on heavy and armour break with good damage on the SP2, brilliant champ.

    CGR is bleed immune and can do crazy damage with a pretty easy rotation and should breeze you through most enemies at your stage of the game.

    Don’t have much experience with Elsa or Ebony Maw as an attacker but your 5* luck has been ridiculously good so far so get your use out of them!
  • Gr8TonyStarkGr8TonyStark Posts: 861 ★★★
    Focus on taking up and ranking up 5star venom 5star warlock and 5star cgr. They will help in almost all content and all acts. Then as for 4 stars, rank up human torch and
    red magneto. They are very good Champs and often bosskillers. Focus more on 5stars as u have been super lucky in pulling them and they are op.
  • Dusk_PKDusk_PK Posts: 7
    Right so for my team it should be venom, cgr, warlock, human torch and magneto?
  • Dusk_PKDusk_PK Posts: 7
    I don’t know how to really use magneto too well are there other mutant champs I could use maybe like apocalypse or archangel ? If not I’ll try to learn and play him
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