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Thoughts on where rintrah should be placed on for gold 3 aw def?

I’m not really sure where rintrah should be placed and since I have an 6* r1 version of him I do wanna make use of him before people start getting used to countering him/knowing who to place against him.I believe he has strong potential as a defender especially if the opponent messes up.So…what do y’all think?


  • I wanted to know the answer to the same question. Did you learn anything?
  • smy168smy168 Posts: 202 ★★
    depending on your Map, node 22: Outlast; Power Recovery, consistently gets 1 to 2 kills and upside have seen 4 kills in a few AWs
  • K00shMaanK00shMaan Posts: 1,289 ★★★★
    It's important when fighting Rintrah to knock him down so one of the nodes that makes that more difficult would be good. He can also get debuffs on you although he's not necessarily the best at that.

    Path 5 section 1
    Path 7 section 1 or 2
    Also the node mentioned in the comment above
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