So now that the coveted max prestige has been reached by TWO different alliances, both will be unnamed but I'm sure many can speculate who these ally's are, who will get rank 1 this coming week assuming both complete the map with no missed nodes? One ally has achieved this milestone a few weeks back, the second ally has now reached it in these last few days. This has never occurred in the game, so now thats its happened, what is the tiebreaker? Surely both alliances can not be given 1st.
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I would hope we could get a mod response this time.


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    please enlighten us @Kabam Miike ? Thanks!
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  • Ares2239Ares2239 Posts: 46
    @Kabam Miike response before AQ would be great
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    @Kabam Miike If you could give us a response before AQ that would be great. Thanks
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    What currently happens in AW if 2 alliances happen to get the exact same total Season Points ? (less likely that AQ because of differences in Multiplier Tiers, but still possible)
    Tiebreaker exists for individual wars (fight duration), but not for overall Season that I can recall. (unless they use a “grand total fight duration” across all 12 wars)

    I would imagine the same ranking result would happen in AQ in event of a tie of AQ Series Total Points. (Either if it is some type of coin toss, etc. or whether both teams just get that top award from a tie)

    As to “surely both alliances can not be given 1st“ comment. Why not ??
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    If both are 100% completion all 5 days and exact same prestige, both should be able to get #1 as a tie with equal rewards. Well done to both teams for getting to this level! I wish I could play at this level too!
  • If you look closely at the end of day points you will notice tiny variances in scores between bgs. (Could be due to rounding when someone dies to a defender, can’t say for sure). Due to these tiny differences in scores between bgs I don’t think a tie is likely though not impossible. Don’t die or you’re likely to cost your alliance 1st, no pressure.

    A definite “insightful” 😀.

    Although I imagine that the multiple attempts to kill a defender could result in rounding issues potentially in EITHER direction (slightly higher, or slightly lower), depending on if the rounded values in more of the multiple fights ended up being between 0.5 and 0.9, or conversely if more of the fights ended up rounding from between 0.1 and 0.4.

    A rounded xxx.6 in each of 4 fights might get 4 total rounded points (1 point for each of the people fighting), when in reality if it was done in a single fight those leftover points would have only been 2.4 points (not 4 points). So in that case the team earned more points.

    Same with multiple fights with fractional rounding of xxx.4. A team could end up getting less points versus if it were done in a single fight.
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