Serious question on what is considered "evidence"

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There was recently a post closed by a mod on accusations of a modded account and based on the screen shots it's very clear why that post was closed, but my issue is something else on this topic.

The mod response was the exact same one we see everytime a post comes accusing someone of modding or hacking. The mods always say to provide "evidence" in a ticket. My question to the mods and please clarify, what is considered proof or evidence?

When I or anyone who has played this game for more than a week sees someone with top champs as 4 stars or r3 5 stars but has the 100% abyss profile pic, that is 100% proof to us, however, I strongly believe most customer service ticket responders do not play the game and have no clue that such a task would be impossible without cheating.

I've reported a few obvious hackers in the past through proper channels but never once has anything appeared to happened. My assumption is that despite it being obvious to anyone who plays the game it wasn't obvious to them since they don't understand how certain things work.

Moderators, I am not violating any forum rules to my knowledge please don't auto close this post. I am simply asking for a clear answer on what can be considered proof for those who are clearly hacking or modding. As what I have submitted in the past clearly wasn't considered sufficient to my surprise.
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    Top leaderboard in BG are still modders. That's a fact. I kicked one of them personally on day 3 of map8 AQ this January. We couldn't handle how good he was, as we were jealous so kicked him.
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    You have to sneak into their house and catch them on camera cheating in the game
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    Hey @Chatterofforums, to be clear, the onus is not on players to provide actual evidence, that's entirely up to us. All we're asking for is any information you can provide which led you to be suspicious about an account.

    With that being said, you should try to include as much of the following information as possible in your email:

    - Name of the suspected player/Alliance name
    - Date and time that this occurred
    - A detailed description of any strange behavior you noticed
    - Any relevant screenshots or videos

    Once you submit a report, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine if our Terms of Service has been violated in any way, and if necessary, appropriate actions will be taken to punish the offending player/s. Due to our privacy policy however, we'll be unable to provide you with any information regarding the investigation, and that includes discussing any previous reports you may have submitted.

    Rest assured, the members of our Support Team play the game regularly and they are more than familiar with what is and what is not possible.
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