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Idea about strikers

Wine_LoverWine_Lover Posts: 73
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So with strikers showing again in this month event I had an idea about how I’d like to see them brought into the game. I think it would be cool if you could equip the champs you have to champs on your questing team. Each striker could have a unique buff debuff or ability when used like they have in the side quest. The strength of the strikers attacks, buffs, debuffs and ability would scale with how high you had the character ranked and leveled. Think it would be good way to feel like you’re getting more use out of your roster and the different abilities from strikers could be used to fill hole in characters utility or amp up thing there already good at. Anyway just an idea.
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  • Matthew950Matthew950 Posts: 145
    Should the hit be that persons heavy
  • I was kinda hoping it would be similar to Invisible Woman's specials when she has her synergy with the FF. But with the striker coming out as well maybe or something. I want KG as a striker to root and heal
  • InspectorDREDInspectorDRED Posts: 30

    Should the hit be that persons heavy

    Or the ability could be their special attack. Reach 2 bars of power and both you and your striker will launch their said special 2.
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