Carina’s Care Package releases June 22, 2022


As a thank you for your patience as we have worked to address our game-wide control-related issues over the last 8+ months, Carina will be sending out a Care Package to all Summoners today, June 22th.

This package will be based on your Progression Level and will be separated into:

  • Conqueror and Below
  • Uncollected
  • Cavalier
  • Thronebreaker and Above

To claim your Care Package, you will need to log in between June 22nd and July 13th. Keep in mind that changing your Progression level during this time will not change the package that you receive. 

The compensation package, catered to your current progression level, will be as follows:

Challenger - Conqueror




1x 5-Star Nexus Hero Crystal

5000x 6-Star Hero Shards

1x6-Star Hero Crystal

1x 6-Star Nexus Crystal

1x 4-Star Nexus Hero Crystal

1x 5-Star Nexus Hero Crystal

1x 5-Star Nexus Hero Crystal

1x 5-Star Nexus Hero Crystal

250,000x Gold

500,000x Gold

750,000x Gold

1,000,000x Gold

5x Energy Refill

5x Energy Refill

5x Energy Refill

5x Energy Refill

100,000x Loyalty

250,000 Loyalty

500,000x Loyalty

1,000,000x Loyalty

3,000x Glory

4,000x Glory

5,000x Glory

6,000x Glory

5x T4 Catalyst Crystals

3x T2 Alpha Catalysts

1x 25% T5 Catalyst Class Selector

13,500x T3 Alpha Catalyst Fragments (30%)

5x T4 Basic Catalysts

1x T5 Basic Catalysts

2x T5 Basic Catalysts

17,100x T6 Basic Catalyst Fragments (30%)

10x T1 Alpha Catalysts

1x Generic 4-star Rank 4 to 5 Gem

1x Generic 5-star Rank 4 to 5 Gem

1x Generic 6-star Rank 1 to 2 Gem

1x Generic 6-star Rank 2 to 3 Gem

We’re giving this package out now because we have implemented our new Input System into the game, however, we know that there are still issues, and we are continuing to work to address those as they arise. You’ve all been quite patient with us, and we didn’t want to make you wait any longer.

Here’s a look at some of the fixes that we are currently working on for the new input system, as well as things that we are continuing to make improvements to and investigating:

  • Suspension of the Game results in Input issues
  • Champions completing attacks after being interrupted by an SP3
  • Ongoing investigations and improvements to dropping inputs during combos
  • Investigating inconsistencies between mid-screen threshold swiping
  • Improving tools for identifying when issues occur mid-fight
  • Issues surrounding lag building over time encountered after v36.1

As well as making improvements to the general health of the new input system to ensure that it remains consistent and reads inputs as precisely as possible.

If you encounter any input issues, you can help us identify and fix them by filling out this form.

We know that there is still work to be done, but we want to thank you all for your patience so far, and your continued support in the future.

- The MCOC Game Team

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