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Why is AQ enlistment open already

pseudosanepseudosane Posts: 3,811 Guardian
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AQ ended yesterday, why is enlistment open today?

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  • Noise72Noise72 Posts: 337 ★★★
    Showing the same for me. But I can't pick any modifiers.
  • MoShizzleMoShizzle Posts: 55
    Far as I can get
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 7,173 ★★★★★
  • Badass84Badass84 Posts: 316 ★★★
    Same here
  • Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,391 ★★★★
    AQ is miserable enough already and they still haven't tuned down map 5 so I really don't want to be playing it even more often. I look forward to my off days and Kabam knows some of us feel that way because they did a survey recently asking about running it for shorter times. Can't believe they have it starting early (I know they probably didn't intend it and it is just another mistake but they should be monitoring stuff like this) and aren't even commenting on it.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 18,657 Guardian
  • BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 1,586 ★★★★★
    Posts like this one and people disappointed to see enlistment already says everything about this game mode. It needs some major shake ups please
  • mostlyharmlessnmostlyharmlessn Posts: 1,387 ★★★★
    Just came to ask the same... Not to mention it is broken
  • Lestat2499Lestat2499 Posts: 266 ★★★
    Will this fix the 1 day events to get them back on the proper schedule instead of having two events today (class specialist and item use) and then no 1 day events tomorrow. It’s been like this for weeks
  • Kabam Jax said:


    We have ended the oopsy-enlistment and the AQ will return to its intended schedule!

    Thanks again for bringing it to our attention, everyone!

    Thank you for the prompt changeup! you can close this thread now

    PS, how do we tag you? haha
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