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Champion Spotlight - Valkyrie

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About Valkyrie
Former leader of the mighty Valkyrior, and recently crowned sovereign of New Asgard, Brunnhilde has long been a bastion to the Asgardian people against the evils of the Nine Realms. Possessing superior strength (even among Asgardians) and armed with the powerful weapons, training, and tactics of the Valkyrior, she is an excellent leader, and a steadfast warrior. Her conviction, though scarred by loss, is stronger than ever, and she is ready and willing to protect the Asgadians of the Battlerealm.

Valkyrie's Mechanics

    Long live the King! As the current monarch of New Asgard, Valkyrie’s fighting style is measured, thoughtful, and above all: forceful. She encapsulates this with two core pillars: controlling her Combo Meter, and hitting into Block.

    Fighting with her head as well as her significant brawn, Valkyrie can control the direction that her Combo Meter moves, and gains Buffs whenever it passes a multiple of 10. Through skill and planning, a canny player can optimize the rate at which they gain these Buffs, and reach her maximum damage output much faster.

    These Buffs are Pierce, a Buff that increases both her Block and Armor Penetration, and Bulwark, a staple that increases her own Block Proficiency. While Valkyrie’s sheer combat prowess has far surpassed that of nearly all Asgardian warriors, these Buffs provide a link to her Cosmic roots with a Skill based twist: if they are ever Nullified, they transform into Passives with double the original potency!

    Once Valkyrie is stocked up on Buffs, she uses her Heavy Attack to Intimidate the Opponent into Blocking, and then follows up with a Special 2 to initiate an all out assault on their feeble defenses. During this window, every hit into the Opponent’s Block inflicts hugely inflated damage as well as some massive instant Bleeds!

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  6730  525  1878
 4-Star  16876  1317  4826
 5-Star  33837  2640  10720
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  43600  3401  13780

Character Class: Skill
Basic Abilities: Pierce, Bulwark, Purify, Intimidate

  • Block Penetration
  • Valkyrie gains Pierce Buffs as her Combo increases, which grant her a tonne of Block and Armor Penetration, allowing her to cut through her Opponent’s defenses with ease. Many of Valkyrie’s abilities scale with her Block Penetration, and she benefits greatly from hitting into her Opponent’s Block.

  • Block Proficiency
  • Valkyrie gains Bulwark Buffs as her Combo decreases, heavily reinforcing her Block Proficiency and allowing her to stand resolute against even the most dangerous threats to Asgard.

  • Intimidate Debuff
  • Using her Heavy Attack, Valkyrie can Intimidate the Opponent, making them more likely to Block and lowering their Block Proficiency. This creates the perfect opportunity for Valkyrie to deal them some seriously massive chip damage!

  • Purify Non-Damaging Debuffs
  • As Valkyrie’s Block Proficiency rises above its base levels, she gains a scaling chance to instantly Purify Non-Damaging Debuffs, topping off at 90% with 3 Bulwark Buffs and 1 Bulwark Passive.

  • Nullify Resistance
  • When an Opponent tries to Nullify one of Valkyrie’s Pierce or Bulwark Buffs, they only put themselves in more danger, as when these Buffs expire, they transform into Passives with double the original potency!
  • Defensive Block Abilities
  • Valkyrie benefits hugely from hitting into her Opponent’s Block, but if the Opponent has an ability that triggers when Blocking, that can be dangerous for her.

  • Bleed Immunity
  • Though the majority of Valkyrie’s damage is raw physical damage dealt through Block, she deals a significant amount of damage through her instant Bleeds, so against a Bleed Immune opponent she loses about a third of her DPS.

  • Combo Breakers

  • Because Valkyrie’s gameplay revolves around controlling her Combo Meter, things that mess with her Meter, such as Counter-Evades, can really trip her up. Fortunately she has some protection against this with her Combo Shield, but that protection has its limits.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active:
  • Valkyrie gains +1 Combo Meter when striking into an Opponent’s Block, as well as 1.1% of her Max Power.
  • When striking into her Opponent’s Block with 3 or more active Pierce effects, her mythical sword Dragonfang cuts through their defenses to inflict an instant Bleed dealing them 1848 Direct Damage, scaling with her Block Penetration.
  • When afflicted by a Non-Damaging Debuff, Valkyrie’s conviction gives her up to a 90% chance to Purify it, scaling with her Block Proficiency.
  • Valkyrie starts the fight with an indefinite passive Combo Shield that, when struck, prevents her from losing Combo for 3 seconds before falling off. As a Defender, this Shield does not fall off when struck while below 11 Combo.
Dev Notes: It’s important to remember that Valkyrie still builds Combo and Power while hitting her Opponent’s Block. While this won’t allow her to outpace her Opponent’s Defensive Combat Power Gain, it can be hugely advantageous to deal numerous hits, position her Combo Meter, and gain bits of Power, all while not increasing your Opponent’s Power by all that much.

Combo Meter:
  • Performing Valkyrie's Light Combo Ender inverts her Combo Gain. While inverted, any time the Combo Meter would increase or decrease by any amount, it changes by the opposite amount instead, excluding Combo lost when struck. This ability is unaffected by Ability Accuracy.
  • Performing her Medium Combo Ender reverts her Combo Gain back to normal. It is also reverted at any time her Combo is less than 3.
  • Whenever Valkyrie's Combo Meter rises past a multiple of 10, she gains an indefinite Pierce Buff of 1233 potency. Maximum of 3.
  • Whenever Valkyrie's Combo Meter drops past a multiple of 10, she gains an indefinite Bulwark Buff, granting 700 Block Proficiency. Maximum of 3.
  • When a Pierce or Bulwark Buff is replaced, consumed, or expires off of Valkyrie for any reason, she gains a Passive version of that Buff with double the original potency for 5 second(s).
Dev Notes: Finding the most optimal path to manipulating your Combo Meter is integral to maximizing Valkyrie’s potential. If you just simply keep increasing your Combo, you will gain a Buff every 10 hits, but if you continually switch to and from inversion and oscillate your Combo over a multiple of 10, you will gain a Buff every 5 hits instead, effectively halving the time it takes to get to Valkyrie’s Buff cap. This is important, as her Special 2 damage scales with the total number of Buffs and Passives she has.

Heavy Attack:
  • The final hit of this attack consumes all of Valkyrie’s Pierce and Bulwark Buffs, and inflicts an Intimidate Debuff on the Opponent, making them more defensive and reducing their Block Proficiency by 20, and lasting 1.2 second(s) for each Buff consumed this way.
  • This attack grants Valkyrie no Power.
Dev Notes: Use this attack immediately before a Special 2 to set yourself up to lay some serious hurt on the Opponent! Provided you have 3 of each Buff, you will inflict the Opponent with an Intimidate that will last just long enough to throw your Special 2 into and then follow up with a Medium Attack. This will also do double duty as a way to consume your Buffs and transform them into double potency Passives, driving your Block Penetration through the roof and empowering your instant Bleeds.

Special 1 - Dragonfang Dance:
  • Combo Gained during this attack is doubled.
  • On activation, grants 3 dormant Evade charges. Max. 4. Hitting the Opponent’s Block with a Combo Ender or the final hit of a Special Attack activates one of the charges, allowing Valkyrie to passively Evade one attack within the next 1 second(s), after which the charge expires.
Dev Notes: This is a great way to accelerate gaining your Buffs. Not only does it net you 10 Combo right off the bat, but the Evade Charges it grants allow you to perform Combo Enders safely into the Opponent’s Block, meaning your loop doesn’t need to slow down even when the AI isn’t cooperating.

Special 2 - Flurry of Blades:
  • On Activation, gain a Fury Passive lasting 13 seconds and granting 660 Attack Rating for each active Pierce and Bulwark effect. Hits into the Opponent’s Block gain double this Attack Rating increase.
  • While this Fury is active, Valkyrie’s Pierce and Bulwark effects are paused.
Dev Notes: Combining this move with her Heavy is the biggest damage opportunity in Valkyrie’s kit. With the Opponent Intimidated and the Passives gained from the Heavy paused, every hit of this Special, as well as the next Combo, is nearly guaranteed to be into the Opponent’s Block, which equals absolutely massive damage. Keep in mind that this damage boost scales off of Pierce and Bulwark effects, including one’s outside of Valkyrie’s kit, so look for opportunities to use her on Nodes where she gets them for free.

Special 3 - Rise of the Valkyrie:
  • Inflicts an Intimidate Debuff, making the Opponent more defensive and reducing their Block Proficiency by 40 for 10 second(s).
  • Valkyrie gains another of her personal Combo Shields and 3 dormant Evade charges.
Dev Notes: A great way to reset and get some breathing room, as Intimidated Opponents are far less likely to attack you.

Signature Ability - King of New Asgard:
  • While Valkyrie has at least 1 Pierce effect(s) active (rounded up), Unstoppable Opponents react to hits as though they weren’t.
  • While Valkyrie has at least 1 Bulwark effect(s) active (rounded up), she is immune to Stun Debuffs.
Dev Notes: Big investment, big payoff. At Sig 1, these abilities are turned on while you have 4 of the required effect. As the Sig level increases, the number of buffs required decreases At max Sig, it only takes a single Pierce or Bulwark effect to activate the corresponding effect. Look for Nodes that give you one of these for free to get ahead of the game.

Straight Outta Sakaar - Unique - With Thor (Ragnarok), Korg, Hulk (Ragnarok)
  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie starts the fight with one of her Bulwark Buffs.
  • Thor: Striking into the Opponent’s Block inflicts a passive instant Shock dealing 50% of the damage that would’ve been dealt by the unblocked attack.
  • Korg: The maximum amount of Crowd Excitement Korg can generate from Blocking is doubled
  • Hulk: While SMASHing, Hulk gains +70% Block Penetration.

Jailors and the Jailed - Unique - With Odin, Hela
  • Valkyrie: Gain +21% Block Proficiency for each other synergy member present.
  • Odin: When Odin bestows one or more of his Cross-Fight Buffs, the recipient also receives a Bulwark Buff increasing Block Proficiency by 10%, lasting as long as the Cross-Fight Buff.
  • Hela: The first time in the fight Hela is at or below 50% of her Maximum Health, she triggers her personal Physical Resistance Buff.

Inversion Incursion - Unique - With Mr. Negative
  • Valkyrie: Whenever Valkyrie gains or removes her Combo Inversion Passive, she has a 30% chance to gain a dormant Evade charge.
  • Mister Negative: Converting Light Energy to Dark pauses all Debuffs on the Opponent for 2 second(s).

A Night to Remember - Unique - With Misty Knight
  • Valkyrie: While Valkyrie has an equal number of Pierce and Bulwark Buffs, she becomes Unstoppable while charging her Heavy Attack.
  • Misty Knight: Spending Anti-Metal or Cryogenic Charges pauses active Equilibrium Buffs for 11 second(s).

Chip Out The Old Block - Unique Synergy - With Masacre, Hulkling
Valkyrie and Hulkling: Increase the potency of Pierce effects by 10%.
Masacre: The final hit of Masacre’s Heavy Attack inflicts an Intimidate Debuff for 10 second(s), making the Opponent more defensive and reducing their Block Proficiency by 20%. This ability can’t be activated again until the next time Masacre’s bat ignites.

Romance - With Agent Venom
  • All Champions gain +5% Combat Power Rate.

  • With one of Valkyrie’s weaknesses being Defensive Block triggers, the Defensive Ability Accuracy reduction from Assassin helps to avoid some of those triggers.
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  • ElusiveElusive Posts: 45
    6 star rank 4 stats?
  • altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,036 ★★★★

    When afflicted by a Non-Damaging Debuff, Valkyrie’s conviction gives her up to a 90% chance to Purify it, scaling with her Block Proficiency.

    How does this work?
    Is this based on Bulwark buffs, meaning she needs 3 Bulwark buffs (since Max 3) to have that 90% chance?
    Is it based on the actual block proficiency number, meaning Guardian's synergy increases the chance to purify?
    What is her base chance, like 50% to Purify?
  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,913 ★★★★★
    She’s cool
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