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Champion Spotlight - Gorr the God Butcher

About Gorr the God Butcher
Gorr the God-Butcher grew up on a harsh world, where belief in the gods kept his people from falling to despair. But after his family perished to the deadly environment, Gorr became disillusioned and swore vengeance against the gods that never came to help him or his people. He later obtained the powerful Necrosword, and gained the ability to control dark magic and shadowy constructs. He uses these powers to wreak havoc, destruction, and death on any and all that would call themselves gods.

Gorr's Mechanics

    Gorr is an aggressive Champion, with a unique set of Buffs called “Shadow Magic Buffs”. Shadow Magic allows Gorr to inflict a variety of different damaging Debuffs, very frequently, and he gains Shadow Magic by striking with his fourth Light Attack. Proper management of his Shadow Magic will also grant him Fury and Undermine Buffs, further increasing his damage and allowing him to bypass Auto-Block. On top of this, he has various abilities that benefit from fighting #Elder and #God champions, and those benefits stay with him throughout the quest for each one he defeats. Finally, his Special Attack 3 is the Godbomb, and its damage scales up for every individual damaging Debuff on the Opponent, to very high levels.

   Health  Attack  PI (Max Signature)
 3-Star  5942  487  1938
 4-Star  14900  1221  4872
 5-Star  29874  2448  10640
 6-Star (Rank 3, Level 45)  38494  3154  13690

Character Class: Cosmic
Basic Abilities: Viscera Magic, Venom Magic, Volt Magic, Regeneration

  • Variety of damaging Debuffs
  • Gorr has easy access to Bleed, Poison, and Shock Debuffs. If the Opponent is Immune to any of these, he inflicts Degeneration instead. This makes him well suited to Opponents and fights that require one or more of these Debuffs.

  • Resistant to damaging Debuffs
  • In addition to letting him inflict damaging Debuffs, Gorr’s Shadow Magic Buffs also grant him a Regeneration Buff whenever he’s inflicted by one of the corresponding Debuffs, or if he’s already affected by the Debuff when he gains Shadow Magic.

  • Quick stacking of Buffs and Debuffs
  • Gorr is able to quickly stack up a high quantity and variety of both Buffs and Debuffs using just his Basic Attacks. This is useful when fighting certain Opponents who are weakened by Buff versatility, like Warlock, and Quest nodes which keep track of these quantities.
  • Nullify
  • Gorr needs his Shadow Magic Buffs in order to inflict his damaging Debuffs. Champions with Nullify and Neutralize abilities, or who shorten the duration of Buffs, will make it much harder for him to maintain his Shadow Magic, and his damage output will suffer greatly.

  • Resistance to damaging Debuffs
  • The majority of Gorr’s damage output comes from the damaging Debuffs he can inflict. He therefore struggles against Opponents who are Immune to or resist these effects. The exception is Tech Champions, since the Degeneration Debuff he inflicts against Immune Opponents is significantly improved against them.

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Always Active:
  • Immune to Heal Block.
  • If the Willpower Mastery is active, it is removed, and each rank grants Gorr an indefinite Vicious Buff, increasing the potency of Damage over Time effects by 25%.
  • Gain 1 stack of Heresy after winning a fight against a #God or #Elder. Heresy persists between fights. Max 3.
Dev Notes: Gorr is the first Champion who is completely immune to Heal Block. He also has a unique ability where he replaces the Willpower Mastery with a Vicious Buff, which can increase the damage of all his damaging Debuffs by up to 75%, depending on the rank of the Mastery.
Gorr also builds stacks of Heresy by winning fights against #God and #Elder Champions. Heresy improves the potency of Gorr’s other abilities, as seen below.

Shadow Magic - Buff:
  • Gorr has 3 types of Shadow Magic Buffs. They each last 20 second(s) and allow him to inflict different damaging Debuffs by striking with his second Medium Attack.
  • Gorr starts with Viscera Magic active. Starting his fourth Light Attack grants him the next Shadow Magic Buff in sequence. When fighting as a Defender, this also occurs automatically every 10 second(s).
  • Viscera Magic: Inflict Bleed, dealing 979.2 Direct Damage over 18 second(s).
  • Venom Magic: Inflict Poison, dealing 734.4 Direct Damage over 18 second(s) and reducing Regen Rate by 30%.
  • Volt Magic: Inflict Shock, dealing 1224 Energy Damage over 18 second(s).
  • If any of these Debuffs is prevented via Immunity, Gorr instead inflicts a Degeneration Debuff, dealing 220.32 Direct Damage over 18 second(s). Damage increased by 500% against Tech Champions.
  • While Shadow Magic is active, striking Block has a 4% chance per Buff on Gorr to inflict its matching damaging Debuff, but not Degeneration.
Dev Notes: Shadow Magic Buffs are Gorr’s main mechanic. He gets a new one whenever he lands his fourth Light Attack, can stack multiples of all of them, and each one will inflict its corresponding damaging Debuff whenever he lands his second Medium Attack.
The Degeneration he triggers has significantly lower damage output, and more so serves to enable other parts of his abilities when fighting Immune champions. However, that lowered damage isn’t the case against #Tech champions, thanks to the 500% damage increase.

Heretic’s Defiance:
  • When Struck, gain a non-stacking Regeneration Buff, restoring 16% of missing Health over 12 second(s). The amount healed is increased by 12.50% when fighting #Gods, #Elders, and for each stack of Heresy.
  • A stacking copy of this Buff triggers whenever Gorr is inflicted by Power Burn, or a damaging Debuff that matches any active Shadow Magic Buff.
  • A stacking copy of this Buff triggers when gaining a Shadow Magic Buff, if Gorr is already affected by its matching damaging Debuff.
Dev Notes: Gorr’s Regeneration Buff is the first of his mechanics improved by his stacks of Heresy. The second two bullet points here are also very important because they make Gorr more friendly towards the Liquid Courage and Double Edge Masteries. By repeatedly cycling through his Shadow Magic, he’s able to continually re-trigger this Regeneration Buff and negate the damage taken from those Masteries.

Heavy Attack:
  • Once per fight, if the Opponent is inflicted with at least 20 damaging Debuffs, Gorr gains a Power Gain Buff for 2 second(s), granting the difference in Power between his current Power and Max Power.
Dev Notes: When Gorr is played well, he’s able to quickly stack up a ton of damaging Debuffs on the Opponent. His Special 3 scales up in damage for each one on the Opponent, so his Heavy Attack gives him a once-per-fight way to shortcut his way up to Special 3 and cash in on the damage, rather than having to work his way up to the attack and possibly have some of the Debuffs expire.

Special Attacks:
  • All Gorr’s Shadow Magic Buffs are paused during both Champion’s Special Attacks.

Special 1 - Slicing Darkness:
  • After this Attack, pause Shadow Magic Buff for 6 second(s).
  • On activation, when fighting as a Defender, activate all Shadow Magic Buffs.
Dev Notes: This is the Special Attack that Gorr will use most often. Pausing all Shadow Magic allows him to build up more Shadow Magic Buffs without them expiring. By continually looping Special 1 attacks, he can build up more and more Shadow Magic, each of which will inflict their corresponding damaging Debuffs.

Special 2 - Grasping at Shadows:
  • On Activation, gain a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 489.6 for 20 second(s). Gain an additional Fury Buff for each unique damaging Debuff on the Opponent.
  • These Fury Buffs are refreshed when Gorr activates any Special Attack.
Dev Notes: In contrast to Special Attack 1, Gorr’s Special 2 is something he’ll likely only need to do once or twice per fight. With a little bit of setup and cycling through Shadow Magic, it’s very easy to gain 4 Fury Buffs when using this Attack. The Fury Buffs are refreshed when he then shifts to looping SP1s, and all the Fury will constantly improve the damage dealt by his various damaging Debuffs.

Special 3 - Godbomb:
  • Gorr activates all of his Shadow Magic Buffs, and pauses all Shadow Magic Buffs for 11 second(s).
  • +293.76 Attack Rating during this Attack for each damaging Debuff on the Opponent. This is increased by 100% per unique damaging Debuff on the Opponent, and by an additional 100% when fighting #Gods, #Elders, and for each stack of Heresy.
Dev Notes: The pause effect from Special 3 is useful for building up a significant number of Shadow Magic Buffs in a short period of time. However, its main use is for damage. While the Attack Rating increase might initially seem small, it’s increased for each individual damaging Debuff on the Opponent, further increased for each unique one, and even further increased based on his stacks of Heresy, allowing the number to scale up really quickly.

Signature Ability - Godhunter:
  • Always Active
  • Gaining a Shadow Magic Buff also grants an Undermine Buff for 9.01 second(s), granting Unblockable to any hit the Opponent Auto-Blocks.
  • Personal damaging Debuff duration is increased by 4.01 second(s) flat. It is further increased by 0.50 second(s) flat when fighting #Gods, #Elders, and for each stack of Heresy.
  • Gain 1 stack of Heresy the first time entering a fight on the final node in a Quest. Max Heresy is increased to 4.
Dev Notes: Gorr’s Signature provides him with quite a few different benefits. First, the Undermine Buff allows him to easily attack through Auto-Blocking Opponents, so long as he continually triggers new Shadow Magic Buffs (which he wants to do anyway). The increased duration for damaging Debuffs increases his damage output, and also scales up with his Heresy stacks. Finally, even with only 1 Sig level, he gains a free Heresy stack when fighting on the final node of every quest.

Deicide - Unique (available at 3* and above) - With Thor, Thor (Ragnarok), Thor (Jane Foster)
  • Gorr: Shadow Magic Buff duration increased by 2 second(s).
  • Solo Synergy: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.

Blood and Gorr - Unique (available at 4* and above) - With Hercules, Sersi, Ikaris
  • Gorr: The recovery reduction from Poison effects on Gorr is 50% less effective.
  • Solo Synergy: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.

Death to Valhalla - Unique (available at 4* and above) - With Mangog
  • Gorr: While the Opponent is inflicted with at least 15 damaging Debuffs, gain an indefinite True Damage Buff.
  • Mangog: While Enrage is active, the burst of Energy Damage from Heavy Attack charges twice as fast.

Consuming Darkness - Unique (available at 3* and above) - With Knull
  • Gorr: Heavy Hits grant a non-stacking Vicious Buff for 10 second(s), increasing the potency of Damage over Time effects by 20%.
  • Knull: While the Opponent is Corrupted, Necrosword Attacks inflict an additional instant Bleed dealing 30% of Attack Rating in Damage.

Nemesis - With Loki, Odin, Hela, Heimdall
All Champions gain +[4/5/6]% Attack.

  • Even though Gorr immediately removes the Willpower Mastery at the start of the fight, the Vicious Buffs he gains in its stead are incredibly useful for increasing his damage output for the entire fight, while also serving as another unique Buff for fights that track Buff variety.

  • Gorr can quickly stack up damaging Debuffs on the Opponent, making him a perfect candidate for the Despair Mastery!

  • If he does equip the Double Edge and Liquid Courage Masteries, then the Recovery Mastery is an important element of that. This increases the potency of his Regeneration Buffs, which makes it easier for his Regen Buffs to keep his health topped up to counteract things like the Glass Cannon and Recoil Masteries.
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