Which masteries increase hero rating the most?

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I'm finally investing in masteries! Which masteries affect hero rating the most?
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    Liquid Courage, Double Edge and Recoil, aka suicide masteries. But big hero rating doesn't directly translate to being a good thing.
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    Best mastery set up for hero rating: drop 21 points into detect masteries (lets you see mystery targets), 8 into wisdom (Bonus XP), 8 into pittance (Bonus Gold), 9 points into strength (+33 ATK), 9 in vitality (+156 HP), 5 points into serum science (for a massive +960 energy resist), 5 in cosmic awareness (reducing enemy armour by 40%). Save the last five to flex on ally mates and DONT use parry and dex. Best mastery set up thank me later.

    Please don't use this 😅😅
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    Just incase, ^ that comment is a joke.
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    If you know what mastery you want to use as increased pi is really just for arena purposes. You can use this handy photo to see best gains for what mastery you want to use.

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    With great pain comes great increase in hero rating
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