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Thronebreaker bug

Managed to finally complete Thronebreaker, and had already cleared Cavalier difficulty on the Subservience quest, but no rewards showing. Even tried replaying it, but nothing. Anyone else having similar issues? Playing on iOS.


  • Have to have the objective available before completing the task that the objective is for.
    “Fully explore” is future tense.

    If you needed the rewards from Explore Cav EQ in order to earn Thronebreaker progression, that doesn’t count for then (going round in a circle) using that new progression to earn rewards for already having done something (which you needed to do in order to get to that other point).

    Similar to advancing progression doesn’t update your existing Calendar until new calendar starts next month.
    Or like a reward for upgrading a certain champ, but you already had that champ max'd out, so you can’t complete that task.

    You missed out on this month's specific Thronebreaker reward because you weren’t TB far enough in advance (before exploring the Cav EQ).
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