LF3 Active Map5 players, Gold 3/2 Bg wars, 270+ AQ score. Line for comms

Good Morning!

We are looking for 3 players to join our alliance. We run Map5 with a mix of master and heroic mods and get around the 270mill mark. We use Line for comms but you won’t be inundated with messages to move up. Do what you can and clear your lanes before the time runs out is all we ask.

We pushed into Gold 3 this season and run quite a casual setup. Join to get your 5 for rewards or sit out is fine with us. We have been quite relaxed on diversity so ask that people spectate and pick unique defenders if you can.

Main bulk of the alliance is US time zones with a few UK, Europeans in the mix. Lots of experienced player to ask about rank ups or content.

Hit me up in game or Line: twistedcowgirl

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