HaS tHiS eVeR hApPeNeD tO yOu ...

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When you're in a fight, important or super easy, and you get dropped from the game at the end of the fight? So you wait a minute or two to reconnect to the game, but your champion's health is dropped to 50%, and your fight was reset.
Then you try the fight again, but the same thing happens, and you get dropped from the game at the very end of the fight.
Now, you're annoyed, and your champion's health is at 25%. So you try the fight again. You either get dropped again, or get clapped by the opponent.



  • This didn't happen multiple times, but it happened to me in AQ. Took out the champ, the loafing screen lagged for several minutes and then when it finally went through, the node had full health again but I still retained the dmg
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    I’ve never had it happen more than once in a fight. And that’s bad enough.
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    Happened to me last night twice in a row on my second fight. Luckily corvus regenned from double edge or I'd be at 25%.
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    WhAtS wRoNg WhY aRe YoU wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs?

    BeCaUsE I fEeL liKe It

    Happens mostly in SQ and EQ for me.

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