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Who will be the boss for week 5 of SQ

13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,335 ★★★
So I'm guessing that the sq bosses are the heralds with Cgr being later today and silver surfer next week but there's still week 5 who do you think will be the boss

Who will be the boss for week 5 of SQ 26 votes

Galan (had enough of Deadpool)
buttersKerneasStellarGogeta91199silentagSCP1504L0TUS_MANTISHera1d_of_Ga1actusVbnmeIron_Spider7125Bawa69Blizzard28RiptideBlôdletterArkkyGrassKnuckles13579rebel_HunkyRangerSuelGamesAdi_tya0210 20 votes
BowTieJohnReptoidCyrillFromTulaDarkraw346 4 votes
Aomine_Daiki10Chiefhob 2 votes


  • L0TUS_MANTISL0TUS_MANTIS Posts: 173 ★★
    Galan (had enough of Deadpool)

    Why is this a poll? Only Kabam workers actually know who it is

    Sometimes it's fun to speculate
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