An amazing act 6 exploration nexus

Super happy with my rewards, AG was science and the random T5cc was skill.



  • SquirrelguySquirrelguy Posts: 2,240 ★★★★★
    edited August 2022
    I love Nexus crystals where there is clearly one choice that you want way more than others. I would much rather have that than three amazing champs that I want equally. Congrats on the achievement!

    Lol I’ll get to Act 6 exploration in like 3 years when I can autofight it. I’ve blazed through a few quests but there’s so much content that I’m more interested in with my limited time.
  • Hera1d_of_Ga1actusHera1d_of_Ga1actus Posts: 2,411 ★★★★★
    Awesome! Recently 100%ed Act 6 and I'm glad you got a new god added to your roster
  • SuelGamesSuelGames Posts: 680 ★★★
    edited August 2022
    i 100% act6 last week and my luck was absolute garbage :(

    my gem was the only class that i didnt need it :(

    just wasnt too bummed cause my gauntlet pulls were fire (6* hyperion *-*)
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