Game Center Unlink Not Being Correctly Unlinked

I would like to bring this attention to Kabam and others. Kabam support always offered to help players who might have their accounts compromised by helping them unlink the game center and google play. In the past it worked properly but I guess recently things might have been changed internally. I asked Kabam's support to help me unlink all devices and game center for my account. I provided all the necessary information and they came back to me saying they have unlinked everything etc etc etc. However I came across this (picture below). Kabam does kick out your game account on all devices. HOWEVER it is not actually unlinked. If someone presses the "continue game" button it just logs you back in without asking for your password or ID etc. This is an extreme security oversight. This was brought up to the support team but they do not understand at all. So I am posting on here to show awareness to other players and also hoping a Kabam employee who can understand this can advise.

TLDR if your account is compromised it's staying compromised.

@Kabam Miike


  • HungaryHippoHungaryHippo Posts: 41
    How incompetent can one company be? Trying to secure our accounts yet the people who work for Kabam don’t seem to see the issue with this screenshot
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