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Ultron Slow immunity

MaratoxMaratox Posts: 1,561 ★★★★★
Can we please get a statement from Kabam on the issue of Ultron not being immune to slow? Many are arguing that it is not bugged because it says “slow effects.” Every other use of “immune to X effects” means they can’t be inflicted with a debuff or passive of X. As I do not work for Kabam I have no idea which is correct. If Kabam could confirm or deny this being a bug, and if so when they plan on fixing it, that would be very much appreciated.


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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★
    I'm sure you can reduced it ability accuracy also. Falcon can prevent is evade
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    Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,446 ★★★★★
    His evade can be prevented from all sorts of true accuracy strike, or slow etc. But his abilities clearly state his functions aren't affected by ability accuracy and is immune to slow debuff
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    World EaterWorld Eater Posts: 3,647 ★★★★★

    I'm sure you can reduced it ability accuracy also. Falcon can prevent is evade

    Ultrons functions (evade) can’t be affected by ability accuracy so I dont think Falcons lock on should be preventing the evade.

    It does seem odd that Ultron can get a slow debufff placed on him since his abilities day he is immune to Slow, bleed and poison.
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    AvnishAvnish Posts: 399 ★★★
    I just want to say this game is being such a mess. Kabam is not doing great on these. I have face the Ultron issue. His evade should not be prevented by any mean but Falcon can prevent his evade. Also i got the issue in cavalier EQ last quest. Node says whenever we throw the special. Bleed will be purified and we get the fury. Today it didn't happen with unawanken archangel. I do not know what's happening with game. Also can we believe on boihazard i got only 2 bleed in whole fight. Same thing is happening sometimes in quest 5 after 10 combo not getting falter. This is very annoying. Visual issue is also there. That can cause us KO.
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