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Changes to Doctor Strange's Hoggoth's Wisdom after 36.2 Update - Intended?

Ely_20Ely_20 Posts: 83
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With the 36.2 update, Doctor Strange's Hoggoth's Wisdom buff icon was changed (from the power gain icon to an ability power rate icon). Visually, it looks better. However, it seems the ability to regenerate on hit was affected with this change. Footage showing this change is shown below. - Hoggoth's Wisdom Regeneration Interaction BEFORE 36.2 update

As you can see in the video above, despite the power gain buff being nullified (due to a node, which I can't remember the specific one), Doctor Strange STILL regenerates on hit. Clearly, it's his regeneration from the Hoggoth's Wisdom blessing and not from the adrenaline mechanic, as I've taken no damage recently so I have no health to recover through such mechanic. - Hoggoth's Wisdom Regeneration Interaction AFTER 36.2 update

As you can see in the video above, now when the ability power rate buff (power gain buff before) is nullified, Doctor Strange DOES NOT regenerate on hit.

Is this change intended, or is it a bug? Is he meant to regenerate on hit despite having his buff nullified? I personally believe he should, as his blessings are effects, and should not be dependent on the buff, but on the cycles/rotations of the blessings. Any clarity on this situation is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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