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So the rewards update for Season 37 came out yesterday, and the reward update was top notch! Everything that the war players were looking for to push this game mode..... save one thing. Loyalty.
Ever since the change of war economy to loyalty, the loyalty shortage has been immense for higher tier players. Breaking even is a tough task, and most war players are usually at a net negative at the end of the season.
While this has been masked in the last couple season with a 1million compensation infusion, and S36 being a dud (not too much pushing), the loyalty issue is one I feel will come to the forefront very soon with intense competition about to break out with S37.

The issues have been previously pointe out, but there has been no work done on them.

1) The potion cost (size) is too low. 9k healing is practically nothing for an r3/4 6* champ yet they cost 20k+ loyalty per potion. Healing hp is the most expensive resource in the current meta. L4 potions for 9k healing at such overpriced values of loyalty is absurd. For reference, boosted champs hold upwards of 60k hp, leading to a cost of upwards of 60k loyalty to bring them to a decent hp level.... once.

2)boost costs are quite high. 7k, 10k for a 40-50 minute period is tough to maintain, especially since the fights where these boosts may be needed may be far between. This adds an extra layer of trouble for planners, especially since the number of boosts that can be procured is now downsized due to s36 changes. Also grey boosts which are an absolute requirement in some fights increase loyalty costs.

3) Loyalty gained per war is too less. 70k loyalty per win , and 35k loyalty per loss is TOO less. As mentioned earlier, a majority of higher level players end at a net negative. There needs to be higher supply of this resource to alleviate atleast some concerns.

Here are a few steps the team can take to alleviate this issue

1) Add a lump sum of loyalty to every tier at the end of every season. 300-500k loyalty scaling downwards by 15-30k per tier will help immensely.

2) slash potion costs by half. This is a major offender to the loyalty economy so by slashing prices, healing will not be such a major punishment.

3) Increase loyalty gained. This can be done by majorly increasing loyalty gained for a win AND a loss, totally reworking the war solo event, and War victor/loss crystals.

A mixture of these steps will help the war economy to break even, and allow competition to flourish even more in this space. This would be a major pro player move, and will allow ALL tiers to become competitive. 40% revives was a step in the right direction, but I believe the Kabam team has an onus to build on it to help with war community. I have belief the team will do the right thing.


@Kabam Miike @Kabam Jax i would appreciate if you could take these suggestions to the team.

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    Ercarret said:

    As someone who is Paragon and whose alliance is in or around Gold 3, I wasn't too impressed with the rewards bump we got. A 6* Nexus instead of a 5* Nexus is obviously an improvement, but one extra Nexus per month doesn't really move my account one way or another.

    Part of the problem is that my alliance is fairly mixed in terms of progression level, meaning that not everyone can contribute at a Paragon level, which leads to a season rank whose rewards just don't interest me all that much. However, I thought that things would improve with the introduction of the Loyalty store. In theory, it is perfect. It finally gives me and my mates a place to use the loyalty that we earn from AW. The resources we gain are progression-based so it doesn't throw the economy out of whack. In many ways, it turned loyalty into the same awesome currency that glory used to be.

    The problem with loyalty is that the gains per war fall off significantly as you move down the tiers. I think we earn around 15K loyalty per war, which becomes 150K per season (are there ten wars/season? Something like that, right?), which in turn buys you almost nothing in the Loyalty store. If I want to buy half a t3a, I have to save up over three months' time. In order to buy the 6* awakening gem, I have to save for over 6 months.

    What I mean is, if the Loyalty store is supposed to be meaningful in any way, I too believe that there has to be a significant increase in Loyalty. Otherwise you'll have top players who are using their loyalty to push in war, while lower- and mid-tier players can't scrounge together enough loyalty to barely ever use it at all. I'm happy that the Loyalty store was changed, but I would be happier if I could dip into it more than once a year to pick up an awakening gem. As it stands now, I don't really visit is more often than I was before.

    This is more or less my assessment as well. The change in rewards was pretty significant at the top all the way down to Gold 1 as r4 Materials were increased by quite a bit. However, as a Gold 2 Alliance, the reward bump was very insignificant. By increasing Loyalty, I would be able get some better rewards from the Loyalty Store compared to the higher tiers players who will likely need to spend that Loyalty to compete higher and get the better rewards.
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    YEah my main hope is for Kabam to have a hard look at the supply of loyalty. THis is a non farmable resource, that has literally only one source of supply. ANd the funny thing is, yo ucannot ever achieve good chunks of loyalty since the bigger portions of loyalty remains in the higher tiers, where you need to spend loyalty. I'm hoping that by increase the supply here, some of the pain can be eased.
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    I hope this thread is not lost to the annuls of time
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    They don’t care about the players enough to comment on any tough questions they just pretend everything is alright
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    This needs attention before it gets bad.
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    Just noticed this is in Suggestions and Requests. Unfortunately, issues that stay in General get listened to a lot more.
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    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Jax can we have some light on this issue, and move it back to general discussion? This isnt a "suggestion" it is a general issue.
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    Agree 100%. Help i feel should get a loyalty buff too imo, thats actually being loyal to your alliance.
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    Agree, I expected season rewards to be include a stack of loyalty. Enough that allows the top end to spend on potions etc and use loyalty in season rewards for additional resources and scaling down through the tiers

    I think short of adding that into the season rewards, significantly buffing the loyalty earned in matches will also solve 80% of the problem

    At present that loyalty store is going to be tough save enough to use for most players imo
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