Antman for EOP Dragonman and suggestion.

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I did EOP with Antman and took me about 7 revives. 2-3 of those were due to power gain.

Antmans petrify sucks and really could have been an asset to his kit. Instead it's stuck behind the SP3 and its worthless. I also used Yellow jacket and he could at least manage his power.

His fatigues should do something or at least be turned into exhaust where he can kind of mitigate combat power rate.

If that's too much , he should be able to covert the fatigues into a slow debuff from the SP2 based on how many fatigues the opponent has(1 second per fatigue converted) You can use a light attack to trigger the effect like Apoc.

Anyways! He is one tune up from being very effective.

Please don't look at him and use my data to say he is doing well. I like to see him get more involved in countering mystics aside from buff immune.
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