Looking for a few for a lowkey, fun based, solo focused alliance

We run 2 bgs of AQ (map 5, master mods), no plans to add a 3rd bg. We still get 4k glory a week! Participation isn't mandatory, but we do 100% both bgs all 5 days.

For AW we run 1 bg and that is set, so participation is not mandatory.

We have 18 members currently, all active, mixed between Paragon, TB and a few Cav players. We have no desire to add a more than 20 total members and we will stay with 2 bgs for AQ.

We use telegram for comms, and while it isn't required, we do encourage you to join and chat when needed.

If you think you might be a fit for easy rewards and no pressure, please contact me in game @ Yodabolt~1 or on telegram @ Yodabolt1


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