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Cheaters not banned after one week of season 1?

PupkacPupkac Posts: 75
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Hi there. I saw some YouTube videos from Kt1 And Bero. They proved cheaters mainly in top 20. How Is possible these cheaters has Still active accounts? We saw them few Hours ago logged in.

Do u have any update about IT? Because this way(cheaters Still active, not fixed ratings, leaderboards Are hidden-but Is seen on youtube).... IT Seems no actions has been taken against cheating and I would like to know if u care about cheating before I Will spent more money on this game. More of us.
Can u give us some Basic informations?
We dont Need their names Listed. IT IS ok if u write we banned X players in top 20, top 100, they got a week, month, permanent buff. We Did IT during season or after season, or we Will do IT soon. These modders Are selling cheating and i think if u dont do anything, then players(not me)Will buy cheats instead spending on game.

Thank you.
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