Carina Abyss worth it for the extra cost?

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Hi Everyone,

With the end of gifting I am planning to send myself revives from old accounts I have not used in a while. This will probably give me 100 revives, and I will have around 300 4h paragon crystals by the end of december.
Till date I have only done 1 path in Abyss and I want to do some more with those revives.
I only have the 3 abyss carina challenges left, but am wondering wether I will just do regular exploration or combine them with the challenges. Below are the teams I have/ will have assuming I don`t pull any new champs that are better.
Will the extra cost be worth the 1 t6b and 1 t3a.
I basically always have suicides on, but could ofcourse turn them off.

Regular team:
6*r4 Aegon
6*r3 Doom
6* r3 Torch
5* r5 Nick Fury
6* r3 Corvus
6* r3 She-Hulk
5* r5 Warlock
5* r5 void
All dupe, I think that covers all basic encounters?

6* r3 Colossus
6* r3 Stryfe
5* r5 Apoc
5* r5 Prof X
6* r1 Cable
6* r2 Magneto (undupe)

6* r3 Diablo
6* r3 shehulk
6* r3 Shang chi (undupe)
5* r5 Void
6* r4 Ultron
Others not at a worthy rank

6* r2 Antivenom
6* r2 Knull (undupe)
5* r5 Sym supreme
6* r2 Venom
6* r3 venompool
6* r2 stealth spidey
6* r1 Miles morales

What do you think?
And any extra tips?

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