Colossus [Fix in Next Update]

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Colossus and unstoppable colossus whiff on the first spin quite often of special attack 2. This leads to a broken combo and beat down more often than not

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  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    No feedback?

    Just don't combo before using specials? Whack
  • Same issue I have with them it’s been going on for a while I’m on iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.1
  • Thats why their sp2 use sp2 on them.. its the way they r built..
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    Weeks ago this problem was reported and it's still here.
    good thing colossus doesn't have an sp3.
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    I think the argument of "its broken so" adapt" is the absolute worst way to condone KASCAM and let them know its eh ok to not fix anything in the game. Of course there are other options, but does that mean it's acceptable to have the game so broken? Apparently

    Why fix stuff when we can Milk The Whales still?
  • Yeah one of the mods were already made aware a little while back. I assume they are working on it.
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    Most frequent use case: Unstoppable colossus, arena fight, chain a sp2 after a 5-hit combo - whiffs on swing one, opponent blocks or dashes back. Has happened every time I've used him against each opponent (none of whom I recall at the moment).
    Pixel 2, Android 8.0
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    What he said but regular colossus also included.
    And I'm quite sure most arena opponents but don't quote me. I couldn't tell you if it happens in quest because these are pretty garbage Champs.

    I could make a YouTube video but do any of us really need more complaining? Well it would be views I guess, but it would take a bit of effort
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    Android issue. May be that will help in re-creating it.
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    I've made a YouTube video. Not sure if you will let me post the link here @kabam wolf. You can search me up, it's basically the same search as username here
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Alright, I was able to repro it after checking out your video (you're welcome for the views ;D)

    I'm going to take this to the team, and hopefully we can get it into 16.1. Thanks for bearing with me!
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    Thanks Wolf
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Yeah, no problem! I checked in with the team, and it looks like they've got a fix ready for the next update.
  • supermanMKZsupermanMKZ Posts: 194
    I pointed out this problem back in early November, why wasn't it looked into then?
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    I pointed out this problem back in early November, why wasn't it looked into then?

    maybe your thread got buried like everyone's does.
  • xoRIVALoxxoRIVALox Posts: 247
    It's better, but not fixed
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