An Update on the Battle Against Cheaters

Dearest Summoners,

We know the impact cheating has on our game, especially in competitive modes; it is something everyone on the MCoC team takes very seriously. It can be difficult to communicate with full transparency on the topic because the information can inform cheaters how they can navigate our countermeasures. That being said, we feel it is important to inform our community of a few key things happening behind the scenes to combat cheaters.

Firstly, we have a new-hire on the MCoC game team whose entire job is anti-cheat measures. Previously, this was a shared responsibility among a number of developers. Now, while remaining a responsibility for many, we will have one unifying voice and someone whose entire job is running a team to adapt our game to stop and prevent cheating.

The Community Team intends to help this individual communicate their intentions and plans to the community, but will allow them to settle into their new role first.

We know the biggest spotlight on cheating has been Battlegrounds. Early next week, we will be sending updated Season 1 Gladiator Circuit rewards.

We had previously mentioned that Season 1 rewards were paid out prior to two intended adjustments, and resulted in incorrect rewards. Firstly, our game team had banned accounts for cheating, but they were not removed from the queue for rewards. As a result, banned accounts did not receive rewards, but other Summoners did not receive a bump to their placements either. Secondly, our team intended to do another sweep of the leaderboards and another wave of bans. Next week, there will be a wave of updated rewards to provide the difference from Summoners’ original payouts and their new leaderboard placements.

Finally, on the topic of Battlegrounds, we have plans to adjust our approach to matchmaking to stop sandbagging strategies. Previously, we tightened restrictions to make it more risky to load 1- and 2-star champions in your deck. We intend to adjust the matchmaking again in a near-future update to further address this issue, but will continue to monitor the situation in the meantime.

Every single person on the MCoC team understands the gravity and impact surrounding cheaters in our game. We think these are very important steps forward in combating those that aim to unbalance the game through unfair behaviour. This is not the entirety of the plan to combat cheaters, this is just a portion of the journey.

MCoC Community Team
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